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Interview Part 2 (2006)

Loft - Interview Part 2

In the second part of his interview with early 80's Creation signing the Loft, Anthony Strutt talks to the group about their two classic singles 'Why Does the Rain ?' and 'Up the Hill and Down the Slope' and recent reformation after 20 years apart.

Interview Part 1 (2005)

Loft - Interview Part 1

One of the first bands on Creation Records,the Loft split up on stage after recording two acclaimed singles. Recently reformed for the first time in twenty years, Anthony Strutt, in the first part of a two part interview, chats to them about their history


Ghost Trains and Country Lanes: Studio, Stage and Sessions 1984-2005 (2021)

Loft - Ghost Trains and Country Lanes: Studio, Stage and Sessions 1984-2005

In our 'Re:View' section Tommy Gunnarsson reflects on a new double CD retrospective by influential early indie act The Loft.


Model Village / Rickety Frame (2006)

Limited edition excellent new single from early Creation signing the Loft, their first in over two decades

Magpie Eyes 1982-1985 (2005)

Finely- presented compilation which collects together the almost complete recorded works of early Creation band the Loft



Loft Club
Interview Loft Club - Interview

Nicky Crewe speaks to Exeter indie band The Loft Club frontman Daniel Schamroth about their increasing global success, 60's and early 70's songwriting influences and recent EP 'Heart's Desire'


Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter
Lexington, London, 5/1/2011 Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 5/1/2011

...while on the second night he sees performances from Comet Gain, the Loft playing their first gig since 2006 and Veronica Falls...

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