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Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 5/1/2011

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 21 / 1 / 2011

Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 5/1/2011


...while on the second night he sees performances from Comet Gain, the Loft playing their first gig since 2006 and Veronica Falls...

By the time of the second night I am starting to feel very rough, but tonight is the night that interests me the most as the Loft are playing their first show since 2006. First up, however, are Veronica Falls, a four piece who play a set that is strongly influenced by Elektra Records and other cool early sounds of 60's New York. The Glasgow-based group's 60's influences also extend to their haircuts and clothes. Dave Morgan, the drummer from the Loft, is sitting next to me and tells me they are going to be Velvets like before they start and they are. They even do a note perfect 'What Goes On', following on from that with a rare Roky Erickson number called 'Starry Eyes'. The Loft follow on and play forty minutes of prime time era Creation Records magic and intelligent indie music that is both fresh and time lasting. The band, who are all edging towards fifty, look great and play a stunning set. The guitars of Peter Astor and Andy Strickland shine as they wave in between each other, while Dave's drums remain solid and fluid as he holds the beat. Bill Prince holds down the bass just perfectly, making the whole performance as good as you can get. After they have played their set, Astor tells me later that they have been offered festivals for this year should they want them. Comet Gain are not a favourite of mine and I spend a lot of time chatting to the Loft, who tell me that Peter Astor has a new solo album due but that it is a subscription only record. The Loft are the only band to feature in their whole line up in the new Creation documentary film, 'Upside Down'. They were interviewed for forty five minutes each but only five minutes total was used. More gigs are to follow from them and there will be another show at the Lexington soon with the Legend and the Nightingales. Comet Gain come on late and are messy as usual, but most people enjoy them, After five songs from them, and feeling worse by the minute, I, however, call it a night. Loft Set List: On a Tuesday Beware Your Door Shines like Gold Time (Richard Hell cover) Model Village Winter Wide Open Arms Why Does the Rain Up the Hill and Down the Slope The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Dani Cantó www.danticanto.com

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Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 5/1/2011

Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 5/1/2011

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