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Sarah Mwangi - Reviews


About Love
Adolescent, but ultimately formulaic punk rock on second album from all-girl Parisian group, the Plasticines


Better Mistakes
Occasionally atmospheric, but ultimately incohesive and middle of the road second album from Marti, the band of Italian actor Andrea Bruschi


Other Arms
Somewhat anti-climatic post-rock on posthumous second album from Essex-based band Redjetson, who broke up last year

Trespassers William

The Natural Order of Things
Enchanting ethereality on ambient latest EP from Southern Californian duo, Trespassers William


The Uglysuit
Ambitious and eclectic debut album from uncurbed indiepop Oklahama City six piece, The Uglysuit

Silver Ray

Homes for Everyone
Frequently compelling post-rock on latest album from Melbourne-based instrumental trio Silver Ray, whose expansive sound is like that of a a full-fledged orchestra

Her Name is Calla

The Heritage
Relentlessly dark, but totally captivating mini album from Leicester-based shoegazing group Her Name is Calla

Dark Captain, Light Captain

Sublime ambient folk on debut EP from new London-based group Dark Captain, Light Captain, unfortunately ruined by its unsatisfactory vocals

Black Keys

Attack and Release
Experimental fifth album from Akron-based garage rock duo Black Keys which fnds them working with synthesisers, banjos and an organ and a producer, Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse, all for the first time to mixed results

Yes King

Rock this World
Fierce fusion of dancehall reggae between Jamaican and British artists on the debut album from Yes King, the project of production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams

Ironweed Project

Get on the Floor/All By Myself
Unimaginative, crude and sexist new single from the egotistical Ironweed, only partially redeemed by its B side


Compulsive cinematic homage to nature from country-born, but now city-based musician Ebb, which deservedly won the Mainfest award for Best Electronic Album in his native Sweden

Duke Garwood

Emerald Palace
Initially hard going, but ultimately rewarding debut album from experimental folk musician Duke Garwood

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