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Uglysuit - The Uglysuit

  by Sarah Mwangi

published: 11 / 2 / 2009

Uglysuit - The Uglysuit
Label: Touch And Go
Format: CD


Ambitious and eclectic debut album from uncurbed indiepop Oklahama City six piece, The Uglysuit

Although opener ‘Brownblue’s Passing’ can’t fully sum up The Uglysuit’s self-titled debut album in one go, it sure can tell you what to expect from the Oklahoma City six piece. Fronted by Israel Hindman’s weary Conor Oberst vocals, The Uglysuit juxtapose simple lyrics against the vastness of a Polyphonic Spree instrumental army (with the pep and zest set to medium), to create a colourful alternative to the dark and grey beyond your frosted windows. ‘Anthems of the Arctic Birds’ dares to be different but ends up confused as a trio of ideas try and squeeze into its allotted four minutes. It first emerges effortlessly from the tail end of the palate cleaning 'Elliot Travels', a piano instrumental, adding a sextet choir to the quickening piano lines. And then when another instrumental break appears imminent, it shifts into a jaunty fairground waltz as Hindman sings of happy penguins taking flight for the first time. Confused it may be, but its final form rewards those who have persevered with it, as it settles into the Uglysuit’s characteristic vast vocal-led soundscapes. Following from that ‘Everyone Now Has A Smile’ has jangly guitars that rise above the swirling orchestral refrain accompanied again by Hindman’s hushed tones. At times though, his vocals come across lazy and croaky as he tries too hard to copy what he’s heard from others rather than setting an example. That just may be the accumulative negative of Uglysuit’s debut as it is a running list of their influences. If the album sounds longer than the nine songs listed that is due to the uncurbed experimental spirit of Uglysuit. They have so many humming tunes they’d like to share that unburdened onto one song it can be chaotic, but divided among the other eight it gives off a sense of organised mess. And you forgive them, as it fits with the zealous sensibilities of the youthful six as they provide cutesy indie pop with trippy song titles. A bit too sweet to taste but a worthy Monday morning pick-me-up.

Track Listing:-
1 Brownblue's Passing
2 Chicago
3 Brad's House
4 …And We Became Sunshine
5 Elliot Travels
6 Anthem of The Arctic Birds
7 Everyone Now Has a Smile
8 Happy Yellow Rainbow
9 Let It Be Known
10 The Way of Swaying (Bonus Track)
11 Chicago (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]

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