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Yes King - Rock this World

  by Sarah Mwangi

published: 12 / 2 / 2008

Yes King - Rock this World
Label: Yes King
Format: CD


Fierce fusion of dancehall reggae between Jamaican and British artists on the debut album from Yes King, the project of production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams

Showcased in this valiant debut by the production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams is an intelligent collaboration between Jamaican and British artists. At its best, ‘Rock This World’ is a fierce fusion of dancehall reggae with a recognisable homegrown twang, found only within London streets. Starting steady, ‘Champion Sound’ is a pace maker track which, once unleashed, demands the other songs to follow suit. And without fail, they obey the orders given, much like ‘Crunch’. Fuelled by a London cocksure tone laid down on an orchestral brass rhythm section, it’s a fine example of how Rae and Adams have seamlessly infused Jamaican styles with Brit-Hop. Another highlight is ‘One of Those Days’ which expresses the modern lament of an honest man who finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Benefiting from a simple production treatment, the symphonic backdrop illuminates the purity of voclaist Mystro’s lyrical talent. Where this album, however, suffers is when the intensity of a selection of songs is lost due to their superfluous length. An obvious victim is ‘Rock This World’, where not even the presence of one of Jamaica's finest reggae singers, Dawn Penn, could bring the title track back from the lull of an instrumental midsection. Elsewhere however, is an eclectic mix of potential club fillers, razor sharp guitars, jagged vocals sung in Jamaican patois and pounding tribal beats which are omnipresent figures in this debut.

Track Listing:-
1 Champion Sound (feat. Kenny Knotts/Baby Chann/Mystro)
2 Style Come Different (feat. Sweetie Irie)
3 Circles (feat. Ayak)
4 One Of Those Days (feat. Mystro)
5 Crunch (feat. Tor/Baby Chann/Ayak/Mystro)
6 War (feat. Kenny Knotts)
7 Rock This World (feat. Dawn Penn/Mystro/Kenny Knotts)
8 40 Long Days (feat. Veba/Pete Simpson/Ayak)
9 Love Revolution (feat. Ayak)
10 Tomorrow is Another Day (feat. Prezident Brown)
11 Claude's Theme
12 Elevate (feat. Ayak)
13 Love Revolution (feat. Ayak)
14 Crunch (feat. Tor/Baby Chann/Ayak/Mystro)
15 Style Come Different (feat. Sweetie Irie)

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