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Silver Ray - Homes for Everyone

  by Sarah Mwangi

published: 27 / 8 / 2008

Silver Ray - Homes for Everyone
Label: Broken Horse
Format: CD


Frequently compelling post-rock on latest album from Melbourne-based instrumental trio Silver Ray, whose expansive sound is like that of a a full-fledged orchestra

Such is the sound of ‘Homes For Everyone’, that it multiplies the humble Melbourne-based instrumental trio outfit of Silver Ray into a full-fledged orchestra. Full bodied instruments fill every space available in the 45-minute album immersing the listener into varying moods and imagery. Bittersweet in its fleeting delivery, ‘Reunion’ is an affair between the melancholy piano and intricately plucked strings evoking emotions of ‘better to have loved and lost...’ Meanwhile, ‘12 Miles’ carries jagged shards of melody from the ethereal revealing Silver Ray’s willingness to experiment with instruments other than their beloved guitar, piano and drums. Which only leaves enough room for the last two songs to reinstate the instrumental rock canon of which Silver Ray are governed. ‘The Streets of Melbourne’ and the title track start unsuspectingly, skulk slowly from the songs that precede them just before they reach their climactic peak with the emphatic notes of imploding guitars and crashing cymbals. Despite the title, ‘Homes For Everyone’ may not find a home in everyone’s heart. It is difficult to find relevant definitions for each song in order to make them fit neatly into your life. For every indefinable song, there are, however, the solemn ones that will no doubt make regular appearances in your introspective playlist.

Track Listing:-
1 You Know The Truth
2 Piglet
3 Prove It, Don Quixote!
4 Reuinion
5 Not Far To Go
6 Larisa
7 Trail Of Deception
8 12 Miles
9 The Streets Of Melbourne
10 Homes For Everyone

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