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Broken Horse


Andrew Morgan (2009)

Please Kid Remember
Memorable lush and classy-sounding pop on outstanding second album from Kansas-based singer-songwriter, Andrew Morgan

Charles Douglas (2012)

Not Your Kind of Music
Fabulous lo-fi indie rock on double CD compilation from rediscovered New York-based singer-songwriter Charles Douglas, who suffering mental problems and fighting drug addicition, recorded between 1995 and 1997 four albums worth of largely unheard material

Chris Strofollino (2014)

Griffith Park
Extraordinary debut album from homeless Shakespearean scholar Chris Stroffolino, recorded out of the back of a van in Griffith Park in Los Angeles

Damon And Naomi (2011)

False Beats and True Hearts
Dreamy and tender psychedelic folk pop on eighth album from former Galaxie 500 members, Damon and Naomi

Patrick Cleandemin (2011)

Radio Heartbreak
Shallow third album of 1970's-influenced retro rock from New York-based musician, Patrick Cleandemin

Plush (2008)

Re-release of Chicago-based outfit Plush's balladic 2002 album, which with the passage of time can be seen as a work of sublime artistry in the vein of Scott Walker and Burt Bacharach

Silver Ray (2008)

Homes for Everyone
Frequently compelling post-rock on latest album from Melbourne-based instrumental trio Silver Ray, whose expansive sound is like that of a a full-fledged orchestra

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