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Emma Haigh - Reviews

White Birch

Come Up For Air
Hauntingly majestic and spectral orchestral pop on latest album from Norwegian three piece the White Birch

Let Airplanes Circle Overhead

Let Airplanes Circle Overhead
First-rate post rock from Cumbrian-based post rockers Let Airplanes Circle Overhead, which "steps away from traditional shoegazing, and branches out towards a symphonic and structural narrative"


Climb The Walls
Catchy, but uninspiring indie rock with hints of Pulp, the Cure, Joy Division, British Sea Power from new British-based group the Superheroes

Neutral Milk Hotel

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Timely re-release for Neutral Milk Hotel's 1998 album, 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea', which has been an influence on the likes of Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand and Caribou

Listen With Sarah

Are You Sitting Comfortably ?
Quirky, intelligent pop on first album from Listen with Sarah, one of the last Peel-endorsed acts and the alias for Sussex-based musician Sarah Nelson and her computer


Love Is A Deserter
Strangely disappointing new single from the usually dependable Kills

Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills Ep
Weak indie guitar rock on debut EP from new London-based band Kill Devil Hills


What's It All About ?
Impressive third album from singer-songwriter Andrew Sandoval, which proves to be "a heady swirl of 60’s fuelled jangle-pop"

Animal Planet

Special Care
Deceptively childish-looking three song single from Suffolk-based act Animal Planet,w hich combines 40's swing with 60's beach music and 70's bluesy gravelled lounge-rock

Bishop Invaders

Kylie's Heroes
"Superbly arranged space-adelic electro-mod tease" on new two track single from Parisian act, the Bishop Invaders

Marble Index

I Believe
Addictive and haunting new EP from Canadian alternative rockets, the Marble Index


Charming debut album from singer-songwriter and cellist Janie Price, AKA Bird, which shows itself to be "a simply orchestrated voyage inside a subconscious"

Citizens Here And Abroad

Ghosts Of Tables & Chairs
Mellow lo-fi pop from Citizens Here and Abroad, who, constantly on the verge of seemingly swinging out of control "display with gorgeous consistency an ability to shift from elementary wide-eyed jack-in-the-box pop into hard-tinged boppy snarls and glari


Life, Death, Happiness & Stuff
Debut album from Icelandic seven-piece art pop collaborative, Ske, which, despite recent stunning live performances, proves unfortunately to sound "disappointingly familiar"

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Secret Language
Intelligent and ferecious punk rock from new Swedish punk band, Je Ne Sais Quoi, whose seeming apathy, is combined with "a parodoxical avalanche of sound and fury"

Ruth Minnikin

Ruth Minnikin Ep
Gothic debut EP from Ruth Minnikin, one of the founding members of much acclaimed Canadian alt. country/folk act, the Guthries

Cary Hudson

Cool Breeze
Compelling debut album from new Glitterhouse label signing, Cary Hudson, the lack of sophistication which proves to be its greatest asset and flaw


Over-produced and derivative late 80's/early 90's influenced pop from thirtysomething single mum, Jane


Palm Trees And Power Lines
Maddening Californian punk rock, which unfortunately proves to be "the same glob of expelled punk-pop bubblegum you find embedded in the sole of your favourite shoes"


Long Face
Latest single from Icelandic art rockers Minus, which unfortunately "lyrically...reads like an eighth grade poetry competition"


Summer Season
Impressive second album from Lunasuit, which proves to be "reminiscent of the soft side of Bikini Kill, or a nicer Sleater-Kinney"


L'hiver en question
Wintry, rich debut album from new French electronica artist, Choa, which "oscillates between the hauntingly beautiful and the frankly disturbing"


Fair Weather Karma
Flawed, but impressive "space-surf bliss-pop and psyche-fuzzed hyper-drive " on long-awaited debut album from post rock trio, Sciflyer


Surprising Sing Stupendous Love
Hypnotic, genre-defying debut from sprawling Glaswegian hybrid, Scatter, who supported Belle and Sebastian on the Scottish leg of their recent tour, and who are the latest signings to the Pickled Egg label

Pale Horse And Rider

Moody Pike
Perfectly conceived country blues on debut album from Pale Horse and Rider, the new project of Jon DeRosa who is known primarily for his work in electronic art project Aarktica


Summer Make Good
Dreamlike third album from Icelandic group Mum, which "marks a quite definite departure from the innocence and sweet folly of their previous two albums"

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