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Emma Haigh - Live Music Reviews


Miscellaneous - Water Rats, London, 8/7/2004

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are an art-rock pop band who take old sets of slides from the 50's, 60's and 70's and evocatively set them to music. Emma Haigh watches them reach with dignified humour "a depth that few others could manage"


Miscellaneous - Buffalo Bar, London, 24/7/2004

Nemo share a love for the likes of Joy Division, Television, Human League and Talking Heads. Back after an enforced break because of line-up changes, Emma Haigh watches them play a compelling set in the London Buffalo Bar


Mum - Old Vic, London, 25/4/2004

Icelanders Mum are often seen to be enigmatic. At a show in the intimate surroundings of the London Old Vic, Emma Haigh watches them dispel with some myths and also create a few more

Black Dice

Black Dice - Spitz, London, 31/3/2004

New York ensemble and Fat Cat signings Black Dice recently toured Britain with their experimental music. Emma Haigh is enthralled by a show that is both "spontaneously individual, and strangely conversant between it’s three performers" at the London Spit

Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet - Water Rats, London, 26/3/2004

At the excellent finale to a European tour, new Pennyblackmusic writer Emma Haigh finds edgy LA 5-piece Phantom Planet's blend of garage rock both gritty and polished


Miscellaneous - Water Rat's, London, 19/3/2004

Femme-led Brit Rockers Fiction and Dublin garage rockers Vinyl have been plodding around the music circuit for a few years. At a show at the London Water Rat's, Emma Haigh is struck by just far suddenly they have both come

Magic Numbers

Magic Numbers - Water Rat's London, 16/3/2004

The "shyly raucous" Magic Numbers' tally of live performances has yet to enter into double figures, but already have a stage presence. After a London Water Rat's show, Emma Haigh leaves with her "mind swirling and speaking in colours"

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