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United Bible Studies


Interview (2019)

United Bible Studies - Interview

Malcolm Carter speaks to David Colohan, Dom Cooper and Alison O’Donnell from psychedelic folk act United Bible Studies about its evolving membership and latest album, 'Cave Hill Ascension'.


West Kennet Ascension/Divining Movements (2021)

Impressive two releases from collective United Bible Studies, one a cassette/download only issue, the other a double CD, which prove to essential listening for these worrying times.

Cave Hill Ascension (2019)

Latest from the collective United Bible Studies featuring Alison O’Donnell, David Colohan and Dominic Cooper, which is a cinematic four track journey into unexplored territories

The Jonah (2009)

Doleful, but imaginative weird folk on debut album from 14 strong Irish-based band, United Bible Studies

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