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Lovely Eggs


Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs

New Pennyblackmusic photographer Darren Aston photographs Lancaster indie rock duo ata a gig in Liverpool


I Am Moron (2020)

The Lovely Eggs have created exciting music for unexpectedly quiet times and it’s a welcome blast of fresh air

Wildlife (2013)

Fabulous third album from Lancaster-based noise rock duo and married couple, the Lovely Eggs

Food/In Watermelon Sugar (2012)

Excellent super fast and thrashy new wave on vinyl only single from indie duo, the Lovely Eggs

If You Were Fruit (2009)

Repetitive and quickly tiresome chaotic-in-sund indiepop on debut album from Lancaster-based duo, the Lovely Eggs

Have You Heard the Lovely Eggs (2008)

Splendid lo-fi pop on debut vinyl only EP from Lancaster-based duo the Lovely Eggs, which will be enjoyed by fans of Bearsuit



Lovely Eggs
Interview Sunny Jain - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Lancashire-based indie husband-and-wife duo the Lovely Eggs about their anarchic band and impossible-to-define sound

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