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Reg Meuross


Six Cd Set (2021)

Reg Meuross - Six Cd Set

Including discs which have been out of print for some time, a new six CD set of Somerset singer-songwriter Reg Meuross’s output from 1996 until 2013 brings all of his work together. Malcolm Carter reviews.

Reg Meuross (2011)

Reg Meuross - Reg Meuross

Malcolm Carter examines the two latest CDs of British singer-songwriter Reg Meuross, full-length studio album 'All This Longing' and also 'The Dreamed and the Drowned', which is a collection of previously unreleased songs


Raw (2020)

Last in the trilogy of stripped-back songs from singer/songwriter Reg Meuross and he’s saved the best for last

12 Silk Hankerchiefs (2019)

Singer-songwriter Reg Meuross presents a song-cycle about the Hull Triple Trawler Disaster of 1968, which proves to be his most important release to date.

Reg Meuross (2018)

Impressive album of new recordings from his back catalogue from Somerset-based master storyteller and singer-songwriter Reg Meuross on which his songs are given a new lease of life from producer Gunther Pauler

Songs about a Train (2018)

Second collection of forgotten songs from Somerset’s master storyteller Reg Meuross proves another essential purchase

Faraway People (2017)

Second in a trilogy of intimate solo albums finds Somerset-based singer-songwriter Reg Meuross mixing protest songs with a handful of his touching love stories

December (2016)

Back to basics on tenth album for Somerset-based singer-songwriter Reg Meuross, which recorded without any overdubs in just two days makes for his most intimate set of songs so far

England Green and England Grey (2014)

Poignant folk on eighth album from Somerset-based singer-songwriter, Reg Meuross

Leaves and Feathers (2013)

Intimate and captivating seventh solo album from Somerset-based singer-songwriter, Reg Meuross

Dragonfly (2008)

Excellent fourth album from Somerset-based singer-songwriter Reg Meuross, who combines beautiful-sounding melodies with a strong talent for storytelling

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