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Asobi Seksu


Interview (2007)

Asobi Seksu - Interview

New York based band Asobi Sejsu have recently signed tgo One Little Inidan to release their second album, 'Citrus'. Chris O' Toole talks to the distortion-friendly rockers about drinking, gambling and music


XOYO, London, 19/4/2011

Asobi Seksu - XOYO, London, 19/4/2011

At a show to promote their latest album 'Fluoresence' with a new robust line-up, Chris O' Toole at the XOYO in London finds New York shoegazing band Asobi Seksu failing to build on or create new ground

Water Rats, London, 26/6/2007

Asobi Seksu - Water Rats, London, 26/6/2007

New York band Asobi Seksu recently made their first tour of Britain. Chris O' Toole wtaches them play a hypnotically evocative set at the Water Rats's in London


Me and Mary (2008)

Stunning, more pop-based new single, the first from their forthcoming third album, from New York/Japanese shoegazing act, Asobi Seksu

Strawberries (2007)

Catchy and hypnotic, if monotone new single from Japanese-American New York-based shoegazing band, Asobi Seksua

Citrus (2007)

Vibrant-sounding electronic pop on upbeat second album of shoegazing New York-based art rockers Asobi Seksu

Thursday (2007)

Optimistic-sounding first single from New York bliss-rockers Asobi Seksu's long awaited second album, 'Citrus'

Walk on the Moon (2007)

Impressive debut UK single from New York-based shoegazing group Asobi Seksu



Asobi Seksu
Interview Anais Mitchell - Interview

At a gig in Newcastle on their recent European tour, Jonjo McNeill speaks to singer Yuke Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna from New York shoegazers Asobi Seksu about touring, songwriting and their just released third alabum, 'Hush'

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