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Young Marble Giants


Interview with Stuart Moxham (2002)

Young Marble Giants - Interview with Stuart Moxham

In the three years in which they were together the Young Marble Giants recorded just one album , but, using only basic ingredients, have proved a major influence on many other bands. Frontman Stuart Moxham talks to Tommy Gunnarson about the group's career


Colossal Youth (2007)

Superb reissue on Domino Records of Young Marble Giants' seminal only album , which comes with a whole extra CD of tracks



Stuart Moxham
Interview Stuart Moxham - Interview

Young Marble Giants' main songwriter and guitarist Stuart Moxham speaks to Tommy Gunnarsson about his solo career and recently released compilation album, 'Personal Best'


Stuart Moxham
Profile Stuart Moxham - Profile

Tommy Gunnarson examines two new albums by former Young Marble Giants mastermind Stuart Moxham, the first of which 'Interior Windows' is a compilation of unreleased recordings by his project the Gist, and the second 'The Devil Laughs' on which he has teamed up with Louis Philippe once again.

Profile Spike - Profile

Welsh guitarist Spike is back with two releases, compilation odf old tracks with Debbie Pritchard and a brand new album with Young Marble Giants’ Alison Statton. Tommy Gunnarsson finds them mostly enjoyable, but for the already converted.

Blast from the Past : Young Marble Giants
Interview with Stuart Moxham Stillman - Interview with Stuart Moxham

With ther seminal one and only album 'Colossal Youth' back in the shops after a long absence and in an expanded edition, Pennyblackmusic is running again this interview from 2001 in which Young Marble Giants guitarist, organist and songwriter Stuart Moxham chats to Tommy Gunnarsson

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