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Interview (2003)

Moly - Interview

Guildford post-rock Moly have recently released a an EP and an album. They talk to Olga Sladeckova about their first four years together, and why they think vocals are boring


Islington Academy Bar, London, 15/8/2005

Moly - Islington Academy Bar, London, 15/8/2005

Olga Sladeckova almost becomes lost while looking for the elusive Islington Academy Bar, but when she finally gets there is enthralled by a stunning set from Guildford-based instrumental post rockers Moly


Hello Shut Up (2006)

Appealing, largely instrumental third album from Guildford-based post rockers, Moly

It Rained, But We Cheered (2004)

Third release from Guildford post-rock group and recent Pennyblackmusic Bands night stars, which proves to be their finest recording to date

Your Life In In Danger (2003)

"Inspirational" and "original sounding" entirely instrumental debut album from British post-rockers, Moly

Expressing Contempt, Scorn Or Disgrace (2003)

Brooding, competent, but over Mogwai-fixated debut EP from new British post-rock group, Moly



Rothko, Kelman and Moly
Arts Cafe, London, 28/10/2003 Rothko - Arts Cafe, London, 28/10/2003

Olga Sladeckova watches strongs sets by three of London's best bands, Rothko, Kelman and Moly, in the small, but intimate setting of the London Arts Cafe


Penny Black Music Night
Spitz, London, 22/1/2004 Miscellaneous - Spitz, London, 22/1/2004

Our latest Pennyblackmusic Bands Night on the 22nd January featured strong sets from Bikini Atoll, Heist, the Repomen, Lewd and Moly. Olga Sladeckova writes about what was an excellent night of music

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