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Mighty Roars


Interview (2004)

Mighty Roars - Interview

The Mighty Roars are a four piece punk band from East London. Swedish-born frontwoman Lara Granquist talks to Dave Toynton about the group's first year of making music together and their debut EP, 'Take a Bite of Peach'


Archway, London, 20/10/2004

Mighty Roars - Archway, London, 20/10/2004

Fast, furious and loud, new London group the Mighty Roars have all the landmarks of a great punk band. Dave Toynton enjoys "their set of hard, raunchy, ecstatic punk rock" at the Archway in London


Swine and Cockerel (2007)

Gutsy, but unmelodic and forgettable punk rock on debut album from london-based trio the Mighty Roars

Sellotape (2006)

Unremarkable second single on One Little Indian for London based art rockers the Mighty Roars, which takes all its inspiration from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Take A Bite Of Peach (2004)

Raunchy punk rock single on debut single from London-based outfit, the Mighty Roars

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