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Alasdair Roberts


Regather, Sheffield, 26/10/2019

Alasdair Roberts - Regather, Sheffield, 26/10/2019

Nicky Crewe caught a magical evening in Sheffield as Alasdair Roberts performed solo to promote his latest album, 'The Fiery Margin'.


The Fiery Margin (2019)

Inventive and intelligent new album from folk artist Alasdair Roberts, which will cement his growing reputation

Alasdair Roberts (2015)

Understated but beautiful eponymous latest album from Scottish folk artist, Alasdair Roberts

Spoils (2009)

Superb fourth album of original material from Scottish folk artist Alasdair Roberts, who has taken the sounds of a long forgotten time and then injected them with his own unique vision



Appendix Out
Interview Appendix Out - Interview

Scottish band Appendix Out have in the last few years attracted an increasing following over three albums with their melancholic folk tales. Darrell Angus pops mainman Alasdair Roberts some questions.

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