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Interview (2011)

Akron/Family - Interview

Jamie Rowland speaks to Seth Olinsky from psychedelic folk act Akron/Family, about his group’s Japanese-influenced seventh album, ‘S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT’, and the video films that have been created to accompany each of the tracks on the new album.

Interview (2009)

Akron/Family - Interview

New York-based experimental folk act Akron Family have recently seen the departure of a founding member and also left their label, Young God. Multi-instrumentalist Seth Olinsky speaks to Sarah Johnson about these changes, which are reflected on the band's new 'Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free' album

Interview (2007)

Akron/Family - Interview

One of the rising bands of the alt. folk scene, Akron/family have recently released their fourth album, 'Love is Simple', on Michael Gira's Young God label to much acclaim. Sarah Johnson speaks to band members Ryan Vanderhoof and Seth Olinsky about it

Interview (2006)

Akron/Family - Interview

Akron/Family's music combines four-way vocal harmonies, folk, rock and psychedelia. Signed to Michael Gira's Young God label, they have released both their album and a joint record with Gira. Jamie Rowland chats to guitarist Seth Olinsky


ICA, London, 20/5/2009

Akron/Family - ICA, London, 20/5/2009

Despite having recently lost founder member Ryan Vanderhoof and now being reduced to a three piece, Sarah Johnson at the London ICA finds New York experimental folk act Akron/Family having lost none of their spontaneity, but also having an increased tightness

Barrymore's, Ottawa, 26/9/2008

Akron/Family - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 26/9/2008

At Barrymore's in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches psychedelic folk rockers Akron/Family, play, with three extra guitarists on board, an extended, stunning set of head-bending guitar workouts


S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (2011)

Superb sample and loop-influenced fifth album from New York-based psychedelic folk act, Akron/Family

Love is Simple (2007)

Adventurous fourth album from the Akron/Family, wwhose music incorporates elements of American folk blues, jazz, electronics, noise and free psychedelic rock

Meek Warrior (2006)

Snappily recorded mini album from hard working American indie folk rockers, Akron/Family, who are signed to Michael Gira's Young God label

Akron/family (2005)

Intriguing blend of folk music and oddity on first album from New York-based band Akron/Family, which should attracts fans of Grandaddy, Flaing Lips and Animal Collective alike



Bad Weather California
Interview Bad Weather California - Interview

Jamie Rowland chats to Chris Adolf, the front man with Denver-based band bad Weather California about their second album which has just been released on Akron/Family’s Family Tree Records, touring and playing back-up for Daniel Johnston

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