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Interview (2007)

Departure - Interview

Anthony Strutt chats to Northampton-based 80's revivalists the Departue about their forthcoming second album, 'Inventions', and their extensive touring schedule

Interview (2005)

Departure - Interview

Described as the forerunners of the new 80's revival, the Departure have had a meteoric rise since first forming little over a year ago and are now about to release their first album. Guitarit Lee Irons and bassist Ben Weaver speak to Anthony Strutt


Dirty Words (2005)

Departure - Dirty Words

The Departure's 'Dirty Words' will be one of the most important releases of the year. While it is not due out until June, Anthony Strutt gives it an early preview


7 Years (2007)

Fantastic giveaway new one track single from Northampton-based guitar band the Departure

Arms Around Me (2005)

Final single from the Departure's brilliant 'Dirty Words'album, which is being issued only on 7" green vinyl

All Mapped Out (2005)

Re-release of the Departure's powerful first single, which comes in a variety of versions each containing unreleased B Sides and remixes

Lump In My Throat (2005)

Third single from deservedly hyped Northamton group the Departure, which is "a cacophony of angular rhythms, edgy bass and echo ridden New Wave guitar duelling"

Be My Enemy (2004)

Enjoyable second single from the Departure, which shows themto be "without a doubt forerunners of the new 80’s revival"



Interview Part 1 Rotifer - Interview Part 1

In the first part of a two part interview with indie pop outfit Rotifer, Ben Howarth speaks to Austrian front man Robert Rotifer about their recent album, 'The Hosting Couple', and the departure of Darren Hayman on bass to be replaced by Mike Stone from the Television Personalities

Interview Akron/Family - Interview

New York-based experimental folk act Akron Family have recently seen the departure of a founding member and also left their label, Young God. Multi-instrumentalist Seth Olinsky speaks to Sarah Johnson about these changes, which are reflected on the band's new 'Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free' album

Giant Sand
Interview Giant Sand - Interview

Back with their first album in four years, Giant Sand have returned with an almost entirely new line-up. Frontman Howe Gelb talks about the departure of his regular band mates John Convertino and Joey Burns, and the new album‘, Is All Over...The Map’

Departure Lounge
Interview Departure Lounge - Interview

Despite its members now living in three different countries, Bella Union signing Departure Lounge have recently released their most acclaimed album yet with 'Too Late to Die Young'. Olga Sladeckova speaks to the band about their career to date


Bas 2013
Colors Club, Basildon, 26/5/2013 Strangers - Colors Club, Basildon, 26/5/2013

Adrian Janes at the Bas festival in Basildon enjoys a fine set of electronica from Heaven 17, Tenek and the up-and-coming Strangers

Northumbria University, Newcastle, 25/2/2007 Ash - Northumbria University, Newcastle, 25/2/2007

Back to being a three piece after the amicable departure of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, Jonjo McNeill finds pop punk Ash have lost none of their passion in a sharp and edgy set at Northumbria University


Dinosaur Jr
Profile Dinosaur Jr - Profile

After Lou Barlow's departure from influential late 80's grunge group Dinosaur Jr the band carried on with J Mascis taking the helm. Mark Rowland looks at the band's first post-Barlow albums, 'Green Mind' and 'Where You Been' which have been reissued

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