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Departure - Dirty Words

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 2 / 4 / 2005

Departure - Dirty Words


The Departure's 'Dirty Words' will be one of the most important releases of the year. While it is not due out until June, Anthony Strutt gives it an early preview

The Departure's debut album, 'Dirty Words', is as sexy a record as you could wish for from a debut album. It instantly takes you back twenty years without even trying too hard. The twin onslaught of its guitars instantly recall the Chameleons' Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies. The bass has enough new wave funk to push that guitar sound that bit more, and with David Jones, the Departure have a good looking, if cynical young man with charm on his side. When he opens his mouth, everything comes out in an observatational but beautifully-crafted way. As well as David, the Departure also consists of Sam Harvey (lead guitar), Lee Irons(rhythm guitar), Ben Winton (bass) and Andy Hobson (drums). The album opens up with 'Just Like TV', which has twin jangly guitars that feed off each other as if their lives depended on it. Ben Winton's bass funk bass sits just underneath to give them a little more of an edge and David Jones is the perfect frontman even if he is somewhat over confident. When you have songs and a band this good, you, however, then can stand proud. 'Talkshow' is more perky and upfront, with riffs from Sam that sound here like the U2's the Edge and the Bunnymen's Will Sergeant. Lee Irons also gives perfect backing harmonies to David's. 'Only Human' again has a cutting edge guitar line. 'All Mapped Out 'is next. Originally the band's debut single, (and the next single, pre this album's release), 'All Mapped Out' remained on my stereo pretty much for most of last August. It is dirty and edgy with a very catchy vocal under the guitars. 'Arms Around Me' is one of the newer tracks here, and is pure Chameleons' heaven. It is about wanting love, going out and being tempted. It's damned good and it isn't even a single. 'Lump in My Throat' saw the band on UK TV for the first time. it once more has full on guitars, and in-your-face vocals. 'Don't Come Any Closer' is again full of clever observations, cynical and very Chameleons and U2 like. 'Changing Pilots' sounds like 'Script of the Bridge 'era Chameleons with its echoing vocals. It has me dancing every time I hear it. 'Be My Enemy', which was the second single, once more has onslaughting guitars, and features the cocky, but great line of "even if you dont like us, get something out of it." What a fabulous line ! 'Time' has a Bowie 'Ashes to Ashes' vibe to it, with a Mick Karn funky bass and great guitars around it, which stick in your throat and make you feel alive. It ends with the title track, and original B side to 'All Mapped Out.' 'Dirty Words' is as sexy as hell, very danceable, and as strong as everything else here. 'Dirty Words', as a piece of music, is not just a great album for 2005, but it is great as any album of the 1980's from where its influences come. 'Dirty Words' is an album that should become part of your life's soundtrack. It's that good, fucking brilliant from start to finish. Perfect in fact. Sell your soul for a copy ! 'Dirty Words' is released on 20th June.

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