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An Introduction and a Profile (2002)

Celeste - An Introduction and a Profile

Celeste may not be signed yet. They may even claim that as long as their art remains real they don’t even care. But these rock ‘n’ roll romantics have the ingredients which could make a real-life glamour-drenched pastiche rock-movie. Phil Clements, th


Not Your Muse (2021)

Fantastic debut album from Celeste who lives up to all her promise after winning a BRITS Rising Star award



Zoe Howe
Interview Zoe Howe - Interview

Music writer Zoë Howe talks to Adrian Janes about ‘Dayglo: the Poly Styrene Story’, which is about the late X-Ray Spex vocalist and songwriter Poly Styrene and which has been written in close collaboration with Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell.

Celeste Bell
Interview Celeste Bell - Interview

Celeste Bell, the daughter of late X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene , talks to Adrian Janes about her mother and ‘Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story’, the new music biography which she has written in collaboration with music writer Zoë Howe.

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