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Interview (2021)

Members - Interview

Members guitarist and frontman JC Carroll speaks to Andrew Twambley about the punk/reggae band’s new and seventh album ‘Bedsitland’ and his recent autobiography ‘Still Annoying the Neighbours’.



Interview Kevin Hewick - Interview

Leicester-based cult musician and singer-songwriter Kevin Hewick talks to John Clarkson about his tenth solo album ‘Never Give Up on A Song’, working with the surviving members of Joy Division just after Ian Curtis’ death and also Adrian Borland and The Sound.

Interview Alice Cooper - Interview

Alice Cooper talks to Nick Dent-Robinson about his new album ‘Detroit Stories,’ which, in homage to the infamous blue-collar city and his home town, includes new and classic covers, and features original band members.

Eight Rounds Rapid
Interview Eight Rounds Rapid - Interview

Kimberly Bright talks to three Eight Rounds Rapid members about their backgrounds, art, Southend, and not sounding like anyone else on the planet.

St Lucifer
Interview St Lucifer - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to David Fox from Manchester-based anthemic electro punks St Lucifer about his band's second album 'Music is Violence', which was recorded and completed despite two founding members quitting.

Black Site
Interview Black Site - Interview

The Black Site are a new raw blues/avant-garde rock duo which features ex-members of Madam and Sophia. Dominic Simpson talks to them about their forthcoming appearance at our next Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night

Interview Distractions - Interview

Malcolm Carter talks to Distractions members Mike Finney, Steve Perrin and Nick Halliwell, and Neil Storey, the owner of record label HiddenMasters, about 'Parabolically Yours' the 80's new wave band's new PledgeMusic-funded box set

Interview Distractions - Interview

Malcolm Carter talks to Distractions members Mike Finney and Steve Perrin, and Neil Storey, the owner of record label HiddenMasters, about 'Parabolically Yours' the 80's new wave band's forthcoming retrospective

Jammin' Divas
Interview La Femme Verte - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to folk act the Jammin’ Divas about their music, and, with its members living in three different countries, their unorthodox approach to songwriting

Interview Mineral - Interview

Mineral are an electronic quartet with members in both Dublin and Paris. Anthony Strutt chats to front man Craig Walker about his group's debut album 'Plastic Ekohastric', which is being released on former Creation Records owner Alan McGee's new label 359 Music

Interview Part 1 Godfathers - Interview Part 1

In the first part of an extensive two part interview John Clarkson speaks to all four members of new wave/rock and roll group the Godfathers about their present line-up...

Interview T.O.Y.S. - Interview

Dominic Simpson chats to fuzz bassist Adam John Miller from London/Leeds-based lo-fi indie pop/Krautrock trio T.O.Y.S. about their two EPS to date and how its members balance playing in it with being in two cities and also having various other groups

Fairport Convention
Interview Fairport Convention - Interview

Nick Dent-Robinson chats to current and ex-members Richard Thompson,Jerry Donahue and Simon Nicol about seminal folk act Fairport Convention's history, and its forthcoming 45th anniversary show at their annual Cropredy Festival

Common Prayer/Silent League
Interview Common Prayer - Interview

Brothers Justin and Jason Russo were members of both Hopewell and Mercury Rev. Anthony Strutt speaks to them both at a show in London about their current groups, Common Prayer and the Silent League

Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur
Interview Jim Kweskin - Interview

Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur were two of the pioneering members of the early 60's jug movement. Lisa Torem talks to them about the enduring nature of the movement and their recent decision to tour together again

A Certain Ratio
Interview A Certain Ratio - Interview

In our second interview with him, Mark Rowland speaks to Jez Kerr, the bassist with pioneering Mancurian post-punks A Certain Ratio about his group's first album since the 90's, 'Mind Made Up', and Sum Ratios, his new offshoot group which consists of several ex-members of the band

Ten City Nation
Interview Ten City Nation - Interview

Formed out of the remnants the original line-up of Peel favourites Miss Black America, Ten City Nation are a grunge-influenced London-based band. Anthony Strutt speaks to its members about their two albums to date, and getting back together after several years spent away from each other

New York Dolls
Interview with Sylvian Sylvian New York Dolls - Interview with Sylvian Sylvian

The New York Dolls have recently returned with a new album 'Cause I Sez So', their second since they reformed. Sylvian Sylvian, the guitarist and one of the group's two original members, talks to John Clarkson about his band's capacity for tragedy and its survival against the odds

International Jetsetters
Interview International Jetsetters - Interview

Oxford-based band International Jetsetters includes in its line-up Mark Crozer and Loz Colbert, who are members of the reformed Jesus and Mary Chain. Mark Crozer speaks to Anthony Strutt about International Jetsettsers debut EP 'Heart is Black' and his involvement with the Mary Chain


Fairport Convention
Profile Fairport Convention - Profile

Nick Dent-Robinson profiles Fairport's Cropredy Convention, the annual three day festival staged by folk rock legends Fairport Convention, which this year celebrates the band's golden anniversary with an on-stage reunion of both past and present members

Big Star
Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More Big Star - Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More

Mark Rowland enjoys DVD tribute concert 'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More' which features Big Star members Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer and also guests including REM's Mike Mills, Robyn Hitchcock and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

Fairport Cropredy Convention
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Nick Dent-Robinson profiles Fairport's Cropredy Convention for this year, and talks to Chas'n'Dave and Irish singer-songwriter Cara Dillon, who are on the bill this year, as well as Fairport Convention members Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg

Cropredy Festival Alice Cooper - Cropredy Festival

Nick Dent-Robinson profiles Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Convention for this year, and talks to surprise headliner Alice Cooper; Fairport Convention members Chris Leslie, Ric Sanders and Simon Nicol and Katherine Blake from the classical chart-topping Mediaeval Baebes who are also on the bill

Kings and Queens Renaissance - Kings and Queens

Classic rock group Renaissance went through various line-ups, including in its original incarnation former Yardbirds members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty. Carol Bookstein examines new DVD 'Kings and Queens', which captures live and video footage, much previously believed lost, of the group

Monkey Power Trio
Interview Monkey Power Trio - Interview

The Monkey Power Trio play together one day a year, but since 1995 have released a vinyl EP each year on their own Bulb label, With their latest EP just out , Mark Rowland talks to all five members about the unique concept of their band and label


Cornbury Music Festival
Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire, 10/7/2015...12/7/2015 Cornbury Music Festival - Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire, 10/7/2015...12/7/2015

Nick Dent-Robinson is impressed by the Cornbury Festival which saw sets this year from Martha Reeves, Lulu and Tom Jones and a fantastic greatest hits performance from the Trevor Horn Band, whose members also include Lol Crème from 10CC and Stewart Copeland from the Police

Deerstock Festival
East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013 Miscellaneous - East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013

Dave Goodwin finds incredible Nottinghamshire's Deerstock Festival, which saw appearances from over thirty indie acts including Def Digby, the Gorgeous Chans, Leetabix and the Doggen Star Band, which led by Spiritualized's Tony Foster, also includes members of Selecter and the Fratellis

Endorse It in Dorset
Oakley Farm. Dorset, 12/8/2011...14/8/2011

Helen Tipping finds much to enjoy at punk/alternative festival Endorse It in Dorset, which includes sets from New Model Army, the Alabama 3, the Members and the Rezillos

Ten City Nation
Dublin Castle, London, 26/5/2009 Ten City Nation - Dublin Castle, London, 26/5/2009

Anthony Strutt at the Dublin Castle in London enjoys a shorp, but fast set of grunge punk from Ten City Nation, the new band of several ex-members of Peel favourites Miss Black America

Killing Joke
Filmore East, New York, 11/10/2008...12/10/2008 Killing Joke - Filmore East, New York, 11/10/2008...12/10/2008

At the Filmore East in New York, Russell Ferguson watches Killing Joke, with all four of their original members back together for the first time since 1982, play two very different sets over two nights

Hey Negrita
Oran Mor, Glasgow, 17/6/2008 Hey Negrita - Oran Mor, Glasgow, 17/6/2008

After a difficult year in which two of its principal members quit, John Clarkson at Oran Mor in Glasgow watches the new line-up of previously melancholic London-based blues/country rockers Hey Negrita play a blistering set fused with a new found spirit of optimism

Limelight, Crewe, 20/6/2007 NFD - Limelight, Crewe, 20/6/2007

NFD is new the band of former Fields of the Nephilim members Tony Pettit and Simon Rippen. Russell Ferguson at the Limelight in Crewe wtaches them play an in impresive set, but finds tyhem occasionally relying too much on past glories

Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, 25/3/2007 Castanets - Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, 25/3/2007

With support band Shapes and Sizes having to pull out at the last minute, Andrew Carver watches Californian free-wheeling folk-noise rock Castanets pull sveral members of that group into the line-up and play an effective, if somewhat shambolic set

Fleshtones and the Glad
Babylon, Ottawa, 16/11/2005 Fleshtones - Babylon, Ottawa, 16/11/2005

New York punks the Fleshtones are closing in on their 30th anniversary. Andrew Carver watches them play a hard-hitting and athletic show of souped-up garage rock which would put bands with members half their age to shame

Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 10/1/2004 Miscellaneous - Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 10/1/2004

At Ottawa's Dominion Tavern Slim Cessna's Auto Club play what several members of the audience, despite the New Year being barely a week old. are already confidently predicting will be the best show they will see this year

Wolverhampton Civic Hall Motorhead - Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Okay so you can sneer that tonight’s audience members not only are clad in faded tour shirts bearing such legends as Saxon and Quiet Riot, their logos are actually tattooed into wrinkly skin. The intro tape may consist solely of Iron Maiden’s ‘Killers’ al


Lightnin' Hopkins
Free Form Patterns Lightnin Hopkins - Free Form Patterns

Jon Rogers examines Texan country blues guitarist Lightnin' Hopkins' 1968 album 'Free Form Patterns', which saw him collaborating with members of the 13th Floor Elevators and has just been reissued in a three CD box set

Damon and Naomi
More Sad Hits Damon And Naomi - More Sad Hits

In our 'Re : View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Jon Rogers writes about former Galaxie 500 members Damon and Naomi's melancholic debut album, 'More Sad Hits', which has recently been reissued

Re : View-Sound
Thunder Up Sound - Thunder Up

Despite being the only one of their albums not recently to be re-released, the Sound's sixth record, 'Thunder Up', was seen by the band's members to be their best album. John Clarkson profiles it, and the tragic circumstances in which it was made

Waco Brothers
Profile Waco Brothers - Profile

The Waco Brothers are a "cowboy" supergroup, featuring members of the Mekons, Wreck, KMFDM and Jesus Jones. Andrew Carver profiles the band's five album Bloodshot label career

Profile Firewater - Profile

Firewater features members of the Jesus Lizard, Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus, Soul Coughing, and Laughing Hyenas. With both the bands' two albums to date out for the first time in Britain, Mark Rowland profiles this exciting new American group

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