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John Howard


Interview (2022)

John Howard - Interview

Singer-songwriter and pianist John Howard speaks to John Clarkson about both his new albums, ‘LOOK – The Unknown Story of Danielle Du Bois’ and ‘From the Far Side of a Near Miss', writing and his eventful career.

Interview (2020)

John Howard - Interview

John Howard speaks to Ben Howarth about his as-yet-untitled new album, the benefits of home recording and the next two volumes of his memoir.

Interview (2018)

John Howard - Interview

Singer songwriter John Howard has published his autobiography, a heartbreaking and hilarious tale of how to nearly become a pop star in the 70s. He tells Ben Howarth how he wanted to be 100% honest but non-judgemental.


Illusions of Happiness (2020)

John Howard - Illusions of Happiness

Returning with the second volume of a three-part autobiography, John Howard takes Ben Howarth and John Clarkson on a compelling guided tour of the fringes of the late-70s, early 80s music industry, while also navigating an increasingly complex personal life in the shadow of the Aids crisis.

Profile (2018)

John Howard - Profile

While he waits for a new studio album from rediscovered 70's songwriter John Howard, Ben Howarth enjoys a trilogy of vinyl pressings of his overlooked early work, an ideal companion to the recently-published autobiography.


To The Left Of The Moon's Reflection (2020)

Contemplative, experimental and highly rewarding seventeenth album from singer-songwriter, pianist and writer John Howard

Cut the Wire (2019)

John Howard's twelfth album since his 2005 comeback finds him merging his many influences into an assured and consistent set of songs

Across the Door Sill (2016)

Intimate approach on hauntingly compelling set of longform pop from rediscovered 1970's singer-songwriter John Howard

Songs For Randall (2016)

Exceptional EP of Randy Newman covers from rediscovered lost 70's musician, John Howard

Hello My Name Is... (2014)

Meticulous and irresistible thirteenth album from recently rediscovered lost 70's cult artist, John Howard

Songs For Someone (2014)

Superb covers EP from rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard, which includes songs by Darren Hayman and Robert Rotifer

Live at the Servant Jazz Quarters (2014)

Excellent live album recorded at rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard's first show in five years last year at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London

Storeys (2013)

Irresistible and inventive latest album, which is a concept record about the lives of different characters in a tower block, from Lancashire-born but now Spanish-based singer-songwriter and rediscovered 1970’s cult act, John Howard



John Howard
Interview Part 1 Enuff Z'nuff - Interview Part 1

In a two-part interview, both parts of which we are publishing consecutively, rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard talks to Ben Howarth about his musical career, recent return to live work after an absence of several years and his latest solo album, 'Storeys'


Rotifer, John Howard and Mel Mayr - Servant Jazz Quarters, London, 26/11/2014 Rotifer - Rotifer, John Howard and Mel Mayr - Servant Jazz Quarters, London, 26/11/2014

In the second of two showcases from record label and collective Gare du Nord, Ben Howarth at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London enjoys sets from indie trio Rotifer, rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard and Austrian singer-songwriter Mel Mayr who was playing her first British gig

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