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Adventures of a Waterboy (2012)

Waterboys - Adventures of a Waterboy

John Clarkson is impressed by the honesty of Waterboys' front man Mike Scott's new autobiography,'Adventures of a Waterboy'


Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, 5/10/2003

Waterboys - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, 5/10/2003

The Waterboys' recent tour has found them playing shows of two halves that consist of both an acoustic and an electric set. In their 21st year, long-term fan John Clarkson finds them never more "complete"


Good Luck Seeker (2020)

Imaginative and literate latest from the Waterboys which proves to be an album of contrasts

An Appointment with Mr. Yeats (2011)

Fantastic return to form on new album from the Waterboys, which sets to music the poems of the Irish poet W.B. Yeats



Interview Kelley Stoltz - Interview

Ray have been compared to acts such as the Waterboys, Nick Cave and the Chameleons. Helen Tipping speaks to them about their three albums to date, line-up problems and their plans and hopes for a less complicated and simpler future


Fairport's Cropredy Convention
Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 8/8/2019...10/8/2019 Fairport's Cropredy Convention - Cropredy, Oxfordshire,  8/8/2019...10/8/2019

Despite torrential rain, Nick Dent-RObinson finnds plenty to enjoy at this year's Fairport's Cropredy Convention, which as well as a three-hour set from Faiport Convention, included performances from Richard Thompson, Gogol Bordello and the Waterboys.

Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest
Ottawa, 8/7/2013...14/7/2013 Miscellaneous - Ottawa, 8/7/2013...14/7/2013

and in its second week the Waterboys, the Specials, Rush, Alice in Chains, Los Lobos and BB King

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