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Neil Young


G-Geffen Vs Young (2012)

Neil Young - G-Geffen Vs Young

Andy Cassidy, in his 'A-C's A-Z of Music', examines the 80's lawsuit between record company boss David Geffen and Neil Young, which ensued after Young released a set of experimental albums

Greatest Hits (2004)

Neil Young - Greatest Hits

There have been numerous other Neil Young compilations over the years. Malcolm Carter explains, however, that this latest one offers something different with an extra disc recorded on DVD stereo, the way Young wanted them heard


Le Noise (2010)

Classic Daniel Lanois-produced latest album from Neil Young, in which he appears totally unaccompanied

Fork in the Road (2009)

Rock-influenced latest album from Neil Young, which despite being slated by critics and lyrically lacking, is oddly appealing

Sugar Mountain : Live at Canterbury House (2009)

Understated, but perfect introduction to Neil Young, recorded in Ann Arbor, Michiganat one his first gigs after he left Buffalo Springfield in 1968

Chrome Dreams 2 (2007)

Often epic-sounding first studio album in four years from Neil Young

Live at Massey Hall 1971 (2007)

Fine third album in the archive series of CD releases by Neil Young, recorded live at the Massey Hall in Toronto in 1971 on return to his home country of Canada after six years away

Living With War (2006)

Anthemic and heartfelt powerful new album of anti war, anti Bush numbers from Neil Young, which recalls his work with Crazy Horse

Prairie Wind (2006)

Immediately classic Neil Young album, which, recorded in Nashville after he suffered a near death experience with a brain aneurysm and also lost his father, finds him reflecting on mortality



Golden Famile
Interview Golden Famile - Interview

Canadian group the Golden Famile have been described as having made "made a better Neil Young than Young has himself in recent years" with their new album 'Eastern Cloudy'. Frontman Darrell Angus talks to John Clarkson


Andrew Wild
Crosby, Stills and Nash: Every Album, Every Song Miscellaneous - Crosby, Stills and Nash: Every Album, Every Song

Nicky Crewe finds that Andrew Wild's new book in Sonicbond Publishing’s 'On Track' series is a definitive guide to Crosby, Stills and Nash not forgetting Neil Young’s contributions.


Arroyo Seco Weekend
Rose Bowl, Pasadena, 23/6/2018...24/6/2018 Arroyo Seco Weekend - Rose Bowl, Pasadena, 23/6/2018...24/6/2018

L. Paul Mann enjoys the second annual Arroyo Seco festival which included sets from the Pretenders, Belle and Sebastian, the Specials, Neil Young, Jack White and Robert Plant.

Hyde Park, London, 29/6/2009 Pretenders - Hyde Park, London, 29/6/2009

Anthony Strutt watches the Pretenders in an appearance in support of Neil Young at Hyde Park Calling play an excellent set of both new songs and classic hits

Neil Young
Hop Farm, London, 3/7/2008 Miscellaneous - Hop Farm, London, 3/7/2008

Despite battling both the wind and rain, Anthony Strutt finds much to enjoy in rock's great survivor Neil Young's headline performance at new festival the Hop Farm in Kent

Magnolia Electric Company with Grand Buf
Barrymore’s, Ottawa, 6/8/2005 Miscellaneous - Barrymore’s, Ottawa, 6/8/2005

Former Songs : Ohia frontman Jason Molina has been compared to Neil Young with his latest act Magnolia Electric Company. Andrew Carver, however, is unriveted at Barrymore's in Ottawa

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