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Neil Young - Fork in the Road

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 4 / 2009

Neil Young - Fork in the Road
Label: Reprise Records
Format: CD


Rock-influenced latest album from Neil Young, which despite being slated by critics and lyrically lacking, is oddly appealing

'Fork in the Road' is the follow-up to 'Chrome Dreams 2', an album that was stunning and which has been widely acclaimed by both Neil Young's fans and critics alike. I have to admit 'Fork in the Road' is not one of Neil's best records. I may be the only one of Neil Young's fans who does so, but I still love it even if most of the songs here are short and about driving your car or truck. It is universally hated by most people, but it is an album that I have played three times in a row every time I have played it. 'When Worlds Collide' opens the album. It has a heavy, grungy guitar sound. Lyrically it is fairly weak, but the guitars make up for that.'Fuel Line' has a cruising groove and a driving beat with added grit. 'Just Singing A Song' is heavy on guitar, and is lyrically more sharp. It is a great song to play air guitar too, as is the next song, 'Johnny Magic', which is a fine political pop number with a great gritty guitar sound., 'Cough Up the Bucks' has another strong guitar line and is a song to bop your head too. 'Get Behind the Wheel' is a bar room rock number, while 'Off the Road' in contrast is a slow burner and more down in feel. 'Hit the Road' is a feet-down-on-the-effects-peddles rocker. A travelling song, 'Light A Candle' is the sole acoustic number here, and as strong as anything on his clasic 1972 'Harvest' alabum. 'Fork in the Road', the title track, is another driving song. A decent album to my ears, but I just love the man.

Track Listing:-
1 When Worlds Collide
2 Fuel Line
3 Just Singing A Song
4 Johnny Magic
5 Cough Up The Bucks
6 Get Behind The Wheel
7 Off The Road
8 Hit The Road
9 Light A Candle
10 Fork In The Road

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