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Neil Young - Chrome Dreams 2

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 24 / 11 / 2007

Neil Young - Chrome Dreams 2
Label: Reprise Records
Format: CD


Often epic-sounding first studio album in four years from Neil Young

This is the first studio album from Neil Young since 'Greendale' in 2003, and follows on after two releases in his archive series. 'Chrome Dreams' has been on bootleg for years now, and this new record consists of three old songs and also seven new ones. It opens with 'Beautiful Bluebird', which is a classic acoustic Neil Young number featuring added mouth organ, and is short and sweet and absolutely lovely. 'Boxcar', is played on banjo and electric guitar. It is another gentle number with a country hillbilly, railway workers rhythm to it, and could also have appeared on Neil's soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's 1996 film 'Dead Man. 'Ordinary People', the longest song here, clocks in at 18 minutes, 13 seconds and 'Chrome Dreams 2'is worth buying for this track alone. It is total class and great Neil, a real rocker from the start. It is the tale, as its title suggests, of ordinary people, and their lives and how they live them, but what makes this different to other drawn out Neil tracks is the added bonus of brass, which backs his electric guitar. This is very much a song to get totally lost in and what this man does best. 'Shining Light' has a rhythm similiar to McCartney's 'Yesterday'. It is the total opposite to the last track, being soft and mellow, while its backing harmony is church like and gospel-like in its approach. 'The Believer' is another low key acoustic number, 70's in its rhythm, and absolutely lovely. 'Spirit Road' goes back to the rock 'n' roll. It has a good solid beat and is a track to head bang to. 'Dirty Old Man' has a workman-style rhythm. It is very grungy and full of big riffs with chunky bass and drums. 'Ever After' is a slow-core, country rock track, the sort of song to be sung around an autumn fire.'No Hidden Path' is the second longest track here, and again 'Chrome Dreams 2' is worth buying for this alone. With a killer of a groove, it is a solid rocker in the vein of 'Change Your Mind' from 'Sleeps with Angels', Neil's tribute to Kurt Cobain. 'The Way' ends the album, and is soft and piano based, mellow in sound and sung with a choir.

Track Listing:-
1 Beautiful Bluebird
2 Boxcar
3 Ordinary People
4 Shining Light
5 The Believer
6 Spirit Road
7 Dirty Old Man
8 Ever After
9 No Hidden Path
10 The Way

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