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Fantastic Plastic Records


Astrid (2001)

Play Dead
Astrid are an indie guitar pop band from the Isle of Lewis in the North West of Scotland. Featuring islanders vocalist Charlie Clark, guitarist Willie Campbell,and bassist Gareth Russell and orig

Bearsuit (2009)

Muscle Belt
Bouncing indie pop on new download only single from the ever brilliant Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2007)

Oh : Io
Ambitous third album from increasingly popular noise popsters Bearsuit

Fossa (2015)

Sea of Skies
Melancholic debut EP from soft UK songcrafters Fossa that hints at much more

Help, She Can't Swim (2007)

The Death of Nightlife
Likeable, occasionally surprising collection of punk pop on second album from London-based band, Help, She Can't Swim

I Like Trains (2008)

The Christmas Tree Ship EP
Breathtakingly beautiful and surprisingly entirely instrumental Christmas EP from brooding Leeds post rockers I Like Trains

Ikara Colt (2002)

Chat And Business
One of the most controversial albums of the year, Ikara Colt's 'Chat and Business has been praised in some quarters and ridiculed in others, but proves to be a debut album with "exactly the same flaws that can be found" on many other debut albums

Oppenheimer (2008)

Look Up
Adventurous vinyl only single from experimental Belfast synthesiser duo, who sound like an electronic Weezer

Strange Death of Liberal England (2007)

Forward March !
Focused and passionate debut mini-album from Portsmouth-based post-rock band the Strange Death of Liberal England who combine brash liberal politics with explsoive tunes

Various (2008)

Now That's What We Call Music Vol. 1
Enjoyable tenth anniversary sampler from the Fantastic Plastic label, which showcases most of its acts including Bearsuit, the Futureheads, the Guillemots and the Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club

Victorian English Gentlemens Club (2006)

Impossible Sightings Over Shelton
Third single from their eponymous first album for much acclaimed Cardiff art rockers the Victorian English Gentlemens' Club

Victorian English Gentlemens Club (2007)

La Mer/Stupid as Wood
Offbeat and twisted latest single from Cardiff trio the Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, the first to feature bassist Louise Mason on vocals

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