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Hubro Music


Benedicte Maurseth (2022)

Magical new album by Benedicte Maurseth which. a portal into a world shared by music and nature, wildlife and mountain people, traditional Norwegian folk tunes and contemporary minimalist arrangements, is a highly rewarding listening experience

Cakewalk (2017)

Unpredictable third album from prog and jazz rock-influenced Norwegian power trio Cakewalk

Dans Les Arbres (2017)

Intriguing third album from improvisational Norwegian/French quartet Dans Les Arbres

Erlend Apneseth (2020)

Hauntingly beautiful and experimental instrumental folk jazz from Norwegian musician Erlend Apneseth

Erlend Apneseth (2022)

Erlend Apneseth’s latest acoustic solo album extends the power and range of his chosen instrument, the Hardanger fiddle

Erlend Apneseth Trio with Maja S.K. Ratkje (2024)

Experimental and adventurous sonic jazz and folk from Norwegian act Erlend Apneseth Trio who have worked on this album with improvising vocalist Maja Ratkje.

Erlend Apnesth Trio with Frode Haltli (2019)

Salika, Molika
Inventive third album from the Erland Apseneth Trio, recorded with acclaimed accordionist Frodi Halti and which includes spoken word and ancient folk melodies.

Frode Halti (2018)

Avant Folk
First-rate latest album from Norwegian accordion player Frode Halte pushes back his musical boundaries with a hybrid of influences

Frode Halti (2019)

Border Woods
Inventive Norwegian accordion player Frode Halti offers with new album another chapter of progressive Scandinavian folk music and again proves to be the master of genre-fusing improvisation and composition

Geir Sundstøl (2018)

Stunning third album from Norway‘s guitar maestro Geir Sundstol, which, including a tribute to David Bowie and John Coltrane, breaks new ground

Geir Sundstøl (2016)

Langen Ro
Surprising and delightfully serene ambience on second album from Norwegian musician Gier Sundstol

Hilde Marie Holson (2018)

Hugely impressive follow-up from Norwegian trumpeter Hilde Marie Holsen to her highly acclaimed first album 'Ask'

Lumen Drones (2019)

Satisfying second album from Scandinavian trio Lumen Drones which proves to be an inventive collection of recordings that defies categorisation

Mats Eilertsen (2019)

Reveries and Revelations
Fascinating album from double bass player Mats Eirlertson who takes a rest from sidesman duties and steps out on his own to experiment with new techniques to create a solo record of real quality

Moon Relay (2018)

Second album of experimental rock from Norwaegian outfit Moon Relay is repetitive yet compelling

Moster (2018)

States of Minds
First-rate double album from Norwegian supergroup Moster which crosses the boundaries of progressive rock, jazz, free form improvisation and electronica

Skydive Trio (2018)

Sun Sparkle
Second album from experimental Norwegian instrumental trio the Skydive Trio which has hidden depths

Slagr (2018)

Minimal but hypnotic and evocative fourth album from Norwegian instrumental trio Slagr which provides a superb antidote to the franticness of 21st century life

Splashgirl (2018)

Sixth Sense
Undefinable but compelling latest album from critically acclaimed Norwegian electro-acoustic trio Splashgirl

Stein Urheim (2020)

Downhill Uplift
Inventive Americana from experimental Scandinavian composer and multi-instrumentalist Stein Urheim


Profile (2019)

Hubro Music - Profile

Keith How investigates three recent releases from Norway’s eclectic Hubro label and discovers that, once again, the label breaks new and exciting ground.



Hubro Music
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Keith How is impressed by two new albums of atmospheric and engaging music, the Nils Okland Band's 'Lysning' and the Erlend Apneseth Trio's 'Ara', both of which have recently come out on Norwegian label Hubro Music.

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