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Geir Sundstøl - Brodlos

  by Keith How

published: 10 / 12 / 2018

Geir Sundstøl  - Brodlos
Label: Hubro Music
Format: CD


Stunning third album from Norway‘s guitar maestro Geir Sundstol, which, including a tribute to David Bowie and John Coltrane, breaks new ground

In a recent interview Gier Sundstol explained that sad music moves him. He also went on to inform us that Norwegians are sad people and that he likes making music to cry to. Sundstol is a highly respected musician with over 300 appearances as a sidesman. This new solo album, which is named after his hometown, finds him showing just exactly what he means by sad music. If you came to this album with no knowledge of the artist or his history, you would be forgiven for thinking this music came from the southern desert of New Mexico or Texas. The listener is transported from this hurly burly world to a wide open landscape where the eagle soars and the desert winds whisper across the plains. Pedal steel guitar echoes ghost-like across the mix accompanied by minimal percussion and bass providing an atmosphere of rarified beauty. Nils Petter Molvaer adds restrained trumpet enhancing this sense of vastness and space. 'Snev' opens the album and immediately sets the pace, Restrained, atmospheric and subtle, the guitar is warm and inviting, feeding into a restful 'Leben; featuring a familiar motif which makes complete sense two tracks later during 'Warazawa'. The centrepiece of the album is an incredible pairing of John Coltrane‘s 'Alabama' and Bowie‘s 'Warszawa' from the 'Low' album. The opening tracks of the album lead carefully into this masterwork. The introduction of tablas is genius, giving a totally new dimension to these works. You simply have to hear this recording to appreciate the genius of the combination. Sundstol‘s guitar pick out the major themes of the compositions with a tender empathy with both Bowie‘s original and Coltrane‘s protest piece. A passionate and emotional work. The sense of endless highways and ghost towns continues throughout the rest of the album. 'Kraag' hints at a more Indian feel with tablas quite prominent while 'Blunder' has a languid tempo that highlites some excellent electronic meanderings. Its at this point on the album the listener senses the Norwegian hinterland and the landscape of deep ffiords and forests. 'Brodlas' ends with 'Waterloo', an intriguing gentle tune that somehow draws the album to an obvious conclusion. Sundstol plays all the guitars and is accompanied by Sankriti Sheresta on tablas, Mats Eilertsen on bass and Jo Berger Myhre plays Moog. Erland Dahlen takes on percussive duties while the legendary Nils Petter Molvaer adds trumpet. There is a restrained beauty contained in 'Brodlas' enhanced by the detail in the sonic field regularly found in recordings on the Hubro label. It is subtle, crisp and heartwarming. Great stuff!!

Track Listing:-
1 Snev
2 Leben
3 Læms
4 Warszaw / Alabama
5 Kraag
6 Blunder
7 Kulten
8 Waterloo

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