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Mats Eilertsen - Reveries and Revelations

  by Keith How

published: 27 / 8 / 2019

Mats Eilertsen - Reveries and Revelations
Label: Hubro Music
Format: CD


Fascinating album from double bass player Mats Eirlertson who takes a rest from sidesman duties and steps out on his own to experiment with new techniques to create a solo record of real quality

Mats Eilertsen has forged a reputation as one of Europe’s foremost jazz bassists. He is veteran of Norway's Hubro label and is often found as a sideman on many E.C.M. releases. His album 'Rubicon' (on E.C.M.) released in 2016 was critically acclaimed as one of the jazz albums of the year. This new recording is quite a different approach to the normal recording process. Using a “self build” technique this album is as stated on the cover “arranged and constructed” as opposed to sitting down in the studio and rolling the tapes. Eilertsen recorded his original ideas and concepts and then tried to imagine how some of his musical collaborators might contribute to his ideas. So acting on this impulse various files were mailed out to friends for their consideration and input. These friends turn out to be a stellar cast of Scandinavian musicians including guitarist Gier Sundstol, percussionist Thomas Stronen and trumpeter Arve Hendriksen, and the resulting album is quite extraordinary. Eilertsen received his friends' contributions and commenced to “fool around” (his words), creating a cornucopia of mystery and magic. 'Reveries & Revelations' appears like an imaginary film soundtrack, minimal and sparse. Eilertson’s bass provides a firm foundation for each track without any sense of being the lead instrument. Sometimes long bowed notes form a drone like hum ('Nightride') or a pulsating motor beat ('Endless'), while guitar contributions from Geir Sundstol and Eivind Aarset add futuristic atmospheres. 'Signal' features Stronen’s imaginative percussive work along with ghostly sound waves and a throbbing bass ton. Signals into the cosmos? Very science fiction! Arve Hendriksen’s trumpet on 'Appreciate' is simply stunning. This lovely piece is far too short at 3:39. Sit back and drift away on an ocean of pure delight as Hendriksen’s lyrical offering glides over a gentle soundscape! The bass player also contributes some organ and guitar and “additional stuff” (his words). Clearly through the ten tracks Eilertsen has been disciplined in constructing these works. They have a sense of space that allows the listener to immerse themselves in the otherworldliness, perhaps something he learned to appreciate while working with Manfred Eicher at E.C.M. 'Siberian Sorrow' conjures up a quiet contemplative desolation with Stronen’s restrained percussive work rumbling quietly beneath the bass and electronic soundscape. 'Reveries and Revelations' is an album that reveals more beauty with repeated listrns and is another high class release from Hubro.

Track Listing:-
1 Nightride
2 Tundra
3 Endless
4 Bouvet Blues
5 Signal
6 Venus
7 Polynesia Pluck
8 Sibirean Sorrow
9 Hardanger
10 Appreciate

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