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Cakewalk - Ishihara

  by Keith How

published: 19 / 4 / 2017

Cakewalk - Ishihara
Label: Hubro Music
Format: CD


Unpredictable third album from prog and jazz rock-influenced Norwegian power trio Cakewalk

Another excellent release from Oslo-based label Hubro finds power trio Cakewalk in fine form. On this, their third album, the band continue to impress with a fine array of material. To set this collection in context the album title refers to Dr Shinobu Ishihara who created a colour perception test in 1917.In his liner notes guitarist and synth player Stephan Meidell challenges us, "Could your red be my blue?” and coming to this new album you find a whole myriad of textures, forms and sounds to perceive their different “colours”. 'Ishihara' is a fine album. 'Monkeys' opens things up. It is a hard-hitting, spacey jazz rock outing full of electronic sampling coupled with a progressive bass and drums which unleashes a driving beat. A guitar howls moans, and the whole track has a 'Fast and Furious' feel to it. What a great opener! In total contrast 'Shrooms' sounds like an arcade games machine that has gone out of control. Weird electronics lead into a track that has a jaunty beat with odd timings and a nice prog rock 70’s keyboard. Track three 'Dome' is slow and brooding. Cakewalk are full of surprises. The spacey drone moves into a steady bass riff interjected by some synthesised effects and tasty chords. It is a wide open landscape that allows Meidell a brilliant, restrained guitar solo. Just in case our perception of the band might be blue the eight minute long 'State' turns out to be “red”. It is another complete contrast to the previous tracks. Beginning with a pastoral drone you are lulled into a sense of quiet before a pulsating bass picks up the pace while fierce cosmic winds scream into the mix along with spacey synths. This is a Pink Floyd moment and it is just great. 'Ishihara' is bold and unpredictable. 'Apostrophe' chugs along without really going anywhere before 'Rebound' closes the album in fine fashion. It is a mind-expanding slice of progressive rock that twists and turns with atmospheric synthesisers and throbbing bass before floating off into space. Oystein Skar is responsible for the synths and keyboards, Stephan Meidell plays guitars /bass /synths while Ivar Loe Bjornstad puts in a stunning performance on drums. Cakewalk are in danger of giving the power trio a good name with this fine record.

Track Listing:-
1 Monkeys
2 Shrooms
3 Dome
4 State
5 Apostrophe
6 Rebound

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