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Island Records


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2007)

Baby 81
Excellent fourth album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club which finds them returning to the distortion of their roots

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2007)

Strong second single from their fourth album, 'Baby 81', from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Blue Orchids (2022)

Angus Tempus Memoir
Latest album ffrom The Blue Orchids, the durable band of Fall co-founder Martin Bramhah, which proves to be an acquired taste but which grows with each ;listening.

Cranberries (2019)

In the End
Poignant final album from the Cranberries which completed after her death proves a sublime testimony to their singer Dolores O'Riordan who died in 2018

Ladytron (2005)

First single from Ladytron’s forthcoming new album 'Witching Hour' which in a departure from their previous efforts "creates a futuristic electro-heralding of a brave new digital world"

Nick Drake (2004)

Made To Love Magic
Inspiring posthumous collection of alternate versions and new arrangements of Nick Drake songs. which also includes long forgotten-about and recently rediscovered track, 'Tow the Line'

Nick Drake (2007)

Family Tree
Compilation of previously bootlegged home recordings from the late Nick Drake, which will however prove essential listening to fans

Oh Wonder (2021)

22 Break
Exceptional third album from under-rated South London alt pop duo Oh Wonder, the project of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, which was inspired by their near romantic break-up during its recording

Orb (2013)

History of the Future
Excessive and often unlistenable three CD/DVD box set from influential 90's electronic act, The Orb

PJ Harvey (2004)

Uh Huh Her
Latest album from the always enigmatic PJ Harvey, which after the relatively commercial sounding 'Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea' finds her going back to 8-track basics and a raw, bleeding, pained sound

Pulp (2001)

We Love Life
At various points titled ‘Pulp Love Life’, ‘Pulp Heart Life’ and the more sober, resigned ‘Pulp’, Jarvis Cocker and co. finally opted for the declarative, optimistic 'We Love Life' tag on their latest

Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance (2014)

Ooh La La: An Island Havest
First-rate double CD compilation from the Small Faces and the Faces' Ronnie Lane's often overlooked solo career

Satin Peaches (2007)

Let's Talk about It in the Rain
Debut one-sided only vinyl single from Detroit 60's inspired band the Satin Peaches

Sigrid (2022)

How to Let Go
Thoughtful and experimental electronica on second album from chart-storming Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid

Specials (2021)

Protest Songs 1924-2012
Ambitious collection of political covers from influential ska group The Specials

Thea Gilmore (2011)

Don't Stop Singing
Impressive latest album from British singer and songwriter Thea Gilmore, upon which she convincingly interprets previously unrecorded lyrics of the late Sandy Denny

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