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Blue Orchids - Angus Tempus Memoir

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 31 / 7 / 2022

Blue Orchids - Angus Tempus Memoir
Label: Island Records
Format: CD


Latest album ffrom The Blue Orchids, the durable band of Fall co-founder Martin Bramhah, which proves to be an acquired taste but which grows with each ;listening.

The Blue Orchids, I must confess, have been one cul-de-sac on my life’s musical journey that I haven’t parked in, along with The Fall. However, going from their Wikipedia page, Martin Bramhah and a host of co-conspirators have been arguably at the centre of the post-punk era and beyond. Numerous singles and EPs have graced a multitude of turntables over the years, and to be honest I am not certain how many albums came before 'Angus Tempus Memoir'. Perhaps the life and times of the Blue Orchids would be a fitting subject for a future edition of BBC’s 'Mastermind'. Or even worthy of a PhD… Martin Bramhah indeed is the link between the two bands, and it is easy to see the common musical threads. So there is probably some overlap in audience, which is a good thing as it could be seen as one begets the other, as the two could be described as being an acquired taste. So, for these ears 'Angus Tempus Memoir' is not an easy listen, and my recommendation for the “Johnny come latelys” is to given this album repeated outings. Thereby you will be rewarded each time with the appearance of lyrical nuance or musical refrain that you will appreciate. As I am writing I am on listen number five, which I am enjoying five times more than listen number one. 'Angus Tempus Memoir; may indeed turn out to be my 'Ulysess' or' Lord Of The Rings'. Whatever, by the time they tour again, you can probably find me at the front against the barrier. An intriguing band, and if you are already a signed up member of their fan club, you are going to really, really love this album

Track Listing:-
1 Perturbation
2 What Thing Is Man
3 Long And Loud Was The Applause
4 The Adventure Thus Embarked Upon
5 No Ghosts No Answers
6 The Young Generation Is Our Hope
7 O Joyous City
8 My Sympathies Are Entirely With The Stranger
9 They Believe We Ought To Live In Solitude
10 It Was In This Scene Of Strife
11 For The Death
12 Perturbation

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