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Ignition Records


Chamberlain (2002)

Exix 263
Recently rereleased final country rock offering from the always eclectic Chamberlain, who broke up last year

Chapel Club (2013)

Good Together
Mildly disappointing second album from London-based act Chapel Club, which finds them moving away from their indie rock roots and adopting electronic/dance influences

Crosstide (2002)

Seventeen Nautical Miles
Debut full-length melancholic emo release from the potentially influential Crosstide

Justin Currie (2013)

Lower Reaches
Fantastic third solo album which was recorded in Texas from Del Amitri front man, Justin Currie

Speedwell (2002)

My Life Is A Series Of Vacations
"Excellent" four track debut EP from new emo group Speedwell

Stereophonics (2022)

Anthemic and impressively powerful bewalbum from Welsh band Stereophonics released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of their debut LP

Urotsukidoji / Winter In June (2002)

Promising split six song mini-album from two young groups on the British South East hardcore scene

Various (2002)

Firework Anatomy
Twenty track compilation, which serves as an excellent " virtual definition of who’s who in emo and hardcore punk rock."

Xcanaanx (2002)

Gehenna Made Flesh
Invigorating brand of hardcore and metal from "one of the most powerful bands in the south-east of England"

Young Rebel Set (2013)

Impressive second album from Stockton seven-piece alternative rock act, Young Rebel Set

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