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Xcanaanx - Gehenna Made Flesh

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 8 / 5 / 2002

Xcanaanx - Gehenna Made Flesh
Label: Ignition Records
Format: CD


Invigorating brand of hardcore and metal from "one of the most powerful bands in the south-east of England"

XcanaanX have established themselves as one of the most powerful bands in the south-east of England, playing an invigorating brand of hardcore mixed with metal, and giving an interesting twist with the addition of mystical and gothic imagery. This is a re-release of their debut EP, with the addition of two early demo tracks on Kent’s Ignition label. The label describe it as “their heaviest and most mind blowing release to date", and they’re aren’t far wrong. Although the band have now been playing for two years, so I imagine have improved dramatically since this was recorded, it still sounds like a band who have captured a totally original and invigorating sound, whilst also having a powerful message to put across. Basically if you like heavy music ranging from Slayer to Cave-In, then this is the band for you. The great thing about XcanaanX, though, is that whilst they clearly have the ability to incite madness at gigs through their raw power, they do have a strong message and a reason for wanting to be in the band. The lyrics deal with religion, corruption and self-control and reflect the bands straight-edge lifestyle (as signified by the X’ in their name, and if you were unaware, a lifestyle where people don’t drink, smoke, take drugs and try to treat people in a positive, respectful way) although the songs are not expressively about being straight edge (which means that you can still listen to them if you’re not!). These six intense tracks suggest that XcanaanX are set to capitalise on two years of extensive touring with the likes of Caliban, Unearth, the Deal, Sworn In, American Nightmare and Urotsukidoji, and are evidence that noisecore is going to be one of the most vital musical genres over the next few years.

Track Listing:-
1 Hollow Sky
2 Eighth Day Decent
3 Immaculate Amongst Betrayers
4 Vae Victus
5 Gehenna Made Flesh
6 Sworn Vengeance

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