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State Records


Baron Four (2013)

Yes I Do/Girl
Enjoyable 1960's-influenced garage rock on double A-sided vinyl-only single from Bury St Edmunds-based act, the Baron Fours

Embrooks (2016)

Dirty and distorted but compelling first single in ten years from self-proclaimed hottest freakbeat trio in the UK, the Embrooks

Embrooks (2019)

We Who Are
Essential limited only vinyl only first album in fourteen years from 60’s-influenced Medway-based trio the Embrooks

Galileo 7 (2015)

One Lie at a Time/The God of Gaps
Fabulous double A-sided vinyl single from Medway-based garage rockers, Galileo 7

Higher State (2013)

I Just Pretend/Ain't It Hard
Derivative 7 inch vinyl only single from UK 60's folk pop act, the Higher State

Higher State (2013)

Potentially (Everyone is Your Enemy)
Fantastic 60's-infuenced garage rock/psychedelia on limited edition vinyl only single from UK-based group, the Higher State

Missing Souls (2016)

Sweet Sweet Sadie/The Alligator
Fabulous seven inch vinyl single from young French garage/psychedelic rock act, the Missing Souls

Optic Nerve (2015)

Penelope Tuesday/Here to Stay
Fine limited vinyl only single from 60's-influenced Brooklyn-based band the Optic Nerve, which is only their third single since they first formed in the 1980s

Paul Messis (2013)

Case Closed
Angry but brilliant vinyl-only second album from young West Sussex-based singer-songwriter Paul Messis, who, while taking all his influences from the 60’s, rather them simply recreating them has put his own fresh vision on the era

Suzi Chunk (2013)

Girl from the Neck Down
Infectious and soulful 60's-influenced debut album from Cardiff singer, Suzi Chunk

Suzi Chunk and Groovy Uncle (2014)

Barefoot in the Car Park/Wet Weekend
Upbeat garage pop on new single from Suzi Chunk and Groovy Uncle, the first from their forthcoming joint album

Youth (2015)

I'll Call Your Bluff/You've Done Me Wrong
Confident early 60's-influenced garage pop on vinyl-only single from Copenhagen-based quartet, the Youth

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