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Embrooks - We Who Are

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 14 / 5 / 2019

Embrooks - We Who Are
Label: State Records
Format: LP


Essential limited only vinyl only first album in fourteen years from 60’s-influenced Medway-based trio the Embrooks

The Embrooks are Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri on guitar and vocals, Mole on vocals and bass and Lois Tozer on drums. Originally formed in the UK in 1996 they've always cited the influences of moody, minor key 60's garage but equally they couldn't fail to be caught up in the more aggressive styles around in the mid to late Nineties. This mix of styles became known as ‘Freakbeat’. If we are talking about the influence of what was known as 'Britpop', then that too was influenced by the 60's sound was it not? Freakbeat then could be in danger of eating its own tail trying to work out who was influencing who and more than one band have fallen so far down that particular rabbit hole that the music produced ends up being derivative of the thing that was derivative of another thing. Thankfully after waiting fourteen years for this album, the Embrooks continue to honour their muses but add their own fresh perspective. Since their last release flutes and organs have expanded their sound. ‘Going But Not Gone’ sounds like pure 60's headshaking pop with slightly discordant organ chords and it's followed out the gate by 2016 'comeback' single, ‘Nightmare’, which has a suitably sinister edge. Human Living Vampire's jangly guitars belie the lyrics. As a band not necessarily known for covers, their take on the Searchers’ ‘Have You Ever Loved Somebody?’ works well. Here there is a glint in the eye and something behind the mop top identikit grins I tend to associate with that 60's poppy sound.’Riot On Kingsland Road’ provides a frantic end to side one. Flipping the vinyl over ‘Til Tomorrow’ slows us back down with a more mellow, stripped back sound. ‘Peace of Mind’ is hypnotic, ‘Hang Up’ has a deeply satisfying guitar lick and ‘You Can If You Want’ ends proceedings with the kind of beat that demands you break out the shimmy, the swim and throw in some headbanging for good measure. By turns pop, mod rock, psychedelic and raw this album is worth the wait. I can't see any tour dates planned in the near future but I hope they will be able to build on this latest album. It certainly leaves me wanting more. This album is restricted to 1000 copies, so don't hang around or they'll be snapped up. Your record collection will be the poorer for not having some Embrooks in there.

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Nightmare/Helen (2016)
Dirty and distorted but compelling first single in ten years from self-proclaimed hottest freakbeat trio in the UK, the Embrooks

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