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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (2001)

The tight musicianship on "Madonna" is striking and leads to the question whether And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are indeed the reincarnation of The Butthole Surfers. There are fragments of

Arcade Fire (2005)

Seminal indie guitar rock on debut album from the soon-to-be-much-hyped Arcade Fire, which has already won ecstatic reviews in America, and is soon to take Britain by storm

Bob Mould (2014)

Beauty and Ruin
Fantastic return to form on new solo album from former Husker Du and Sugar front man, Bob Mould

Crooked Fingers (2013)

Breaks in the Armor
Stripped back and delicate debut album from Crooked Fingers, the current project of Archers of Loaf’s Eric Bachmann

David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's (2014)

End Times Undone
Melodic and enjoyable second album from New Zealand-based alternative rocker and ex-Clean frontman David Kilgour with his new band, the Heavy 8's

Eric Bachmann (2018)

No Recover
Minimalist but haunting second solo album from ex-Crooked Fingetrs frontman and Americian producer and musician Eric Bachmann

Escape-ism (2018)

Introduction to Escape-ism
Latest guise of Nation of Ulysses veteran Ian Svenonius proves to be a stripped-down vehicle of rock and roll dissent

Essex Green (2018)

Hardly Electronic
First-rate comeback album from US trio The Essex Green who have returned after a twelve year hiatus with their now classic blend of country/folk/indiepop

H.C. McEntire (2023)

Every Acre
Melancholic but ultimately hopeful folk-pop on third solo album from North Carolina singer-songwriter H.C. McEntire

King Khan And The Shrines (2013)

Idle No More
Inventive fusion of soul and punk on first album in six years from Montreal-based band, King Khan and the Shrinnes

Mac McCaughan (2015)

Fabulous synthesizer-driven 80's-influenced alternative rock on debut solo album from Superchunk front man, Mac McCaughan

Matt Suggs (2001)

Golden Days Before They End
Matt Suggs' solo lp reminds me of the great work achieved by the Australian band The Triffids. He was formerly a member of Butterglory and Sister Ray. On his own the evidently talented Mr Suggs gets

Mikal Cronin (2013)

Essential combination of Beach Boys-style and gritty Nirvana-style distortion on second album from Californian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Mikal Cronin

Mike Krol (2019)

Power Chords
Exhilarating indie guitar rock on fourth album from New York-based singer-songwriter Mike Krol

Mount Moriah (2013)

Miracle Temple
Heartfelt and powerful second album from North Carolina-based folk duo, Mount Moriah

Mountain Goats (2017)

Abstract but haunting latest concept album from the Mountain Goats upon which front man John Darnielle sympathetically examines the 80's Gothic movement

Mountain Goats (2015)

Beat the Champ
Eccentric but enthralling new album from off-kilter North Carolina bandt the Mountain Goats, upon which front man John Darnielle’s songwriting focuses on the world of professional wrestling

Music Tapes (2001)

1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad
Julian Koster is one prolific fellow. When not playing banjo, bowed saw, and accordion in 'Neutral Milk Hotel', he's performing and recording under the moniker 'The Music Tapes'. Koster started The M

Richard Buckner (2013)

Extraordinary tenth album, which was originally planned as a collection of short stories, from critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Richard Buckner

Saint Rich (2013)

Beyond the Drone
Indistinctive and unremarkable experimental guitar rock on mini debut album from Saint Rich, the side project of Delicate Steve's eponymous Steve Marion and Christine Peslak

Superchunk (2013)

I Hate Music
Infectious indie guitar rock on tenth album from acclaimed North Carolina act, Superchunk

Telekinesis (2015)

Ad Infinitum
Initally disappointing but ultimately gripping new wave disco pop from Seattle-based band Telekinesis, which discovers new ways of capturing Europop with a lazy West Coast twist

Twerps (2015)

Range Anxiety
Appealing second album from Go-Betweens influenced Melbourne-based band, Twerps

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