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Telekinesis - Ad Infinitum

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 9 / 2015

Telekinesis - Ad Infinitum
Label: Merge Records
Format: CD


Initally disappointing but ultimately gripping new wave disco pop from Seattle-based band Telekinesis, which discovers new ways of capturing Europop with a lazy West Coast twist

Telekinesis are undecided wwhetehr they are making another so-called vintage record or an "ironic" Tubeway Army or Thompson Twins parody on the first three tracks on 'Ad Infinitum', 'Courtesy Phone', however, takes them to the next level, with a blend of the obvious mellotronics plus a bit of college rock thrown in. As we pop along on 'Edgewood' we're treated also to a few epic riffs as if we're in Big Country territory. Next on, it's more nouvelle vague or neue Welle ladida on 'It's Not Yr Fault',and at this stage I was about to give up. While not exactly articulate in terms of melody, 'Farmers Road' then comes to the rescue and brings out the best in Telekinesis. The album's title track is spread over two parts, and it's where the slightly tacky 1980's tunes finally find a good home with some kind of an original composition. Illogic has it that the best three tracks have been saved for last. Ask me next year, and maybe I'll think the title track has a certain Big Star/Alex Chilton quality to it. The torment seems to have a tarnish though, and I've not managed yet to peel it off yet

Track Listing:-
1 Falling (In Dreams)
2 Sylvia
3 In a Future World
4 Courtesy Phone
5 Sleep In
6 Edgewood
7 Edgewood
8 Farmers Road
9 Ad Infinitum, Pt. 1
10 Ad Infinitum, Pt. 2

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