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David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's - End Times Undone

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 17 / 9 / 2014

David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's - End Times Undone
Label: Merge Records
Format: CD


Melodic and enjoyable second album from New Zealand-based alternative rocker and ex-Clean frontman David Kilgour with his new band, the Heavy 8's

Now thirty years into his recording career, David Kilgour, who made his mark originally with the band the Clean, heralds from New Zealand. His new album, 'End Times Undone', is his second straight pairing with the Heavy Eights and a rewarding listen. The album begins and continues with fine flowing instrumentation, showering the listener in rich sound. The opener 'Like Rain' starts with a grooving, searching guitar drone and an easy drum beat- quite psychedelic and compelling- then segueing into a bright, chiming vocal with some solid pop rock song craft. It is a winning, welcoming approach. 'Lose Myself in Sound' possesses a magnetic up tempo beat, finding Kilgour and his band shining well in synch. With a very pleasant slow groove, 'Light Headed' utilises vocals that are more instrumental in their effect than they are lyrical. An optimistic tune, 'Christopher Columbus' charts a straight ahead course: “Spread a little light around/Send it in the right direction.” 'Dropper' is a shimmering, rocking number with electric reverberation and resonance. 'Comin’ On' is pristine and lovely like some kind of new church music. The lyric is intriguing: “I don’t know where it’s coming from/Streaming in… Just when I thought I had it so figured out.” 'Down the Tubes' features cascading sound with the crunch of electric guitar resonating beside a steady drum beat. The appealing closer 'Some Things You Don’t Get Back' is both melodic and rocking- a fine ending to a solid album and effort.

Track Listing:-
1 Like Rain (with The Heavy Eights
2 Lose Myself in Sound (with The
3 Light Headed (with The Heavy Ei
4 Christopher Columbus (with T
5 Crow (with The Heavy Eights)
6 Dropper (with The Heavy Eights)
7 Comin' On (with The Heavy Eight
8 I Don't Want to Live Alone (with T
9 Down the Tubes (with The Heavy
10 Some Things You Don't Get Back

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