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Sunday Best Recordings


Dan Le Sac (2012)

Space Between the Words
Eclectic electronica on third album from British-based musiian Dan Le Sac, which includes collaborations with among otherts both Emmy The Great and Merz

Dub Pistols (2009)

Rum and Coke
Diverse dub/reggae on excellent fourth album from London-based collective, Dub Pistols

Dub Pistols (2011)

First-rate remixes compilation of tracks by the Dub Pistols, which often improve on the original songs

Lucky Elephant (2009)

Starsign Trampoline
Compelling debut album from offbeat London-based outfit Lucky Elephant, who despite using instruments including an ukelele, farfisa and Wurlitzer sound surprisingly fresh and contemporary

Lucky Elephant (2014)

The Rainy Kingdom
Over-melodramatic and shamelessly derivative second album from French/English folk pop oufit, Lucky Elephant

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