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Dan Le Sac - Space Between the Words

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 11 / 10 / 2012

Dan Le Sac - Space Between the Words
Label: Sunday Best Recordings
Format: CD


Eclectic electronica on third album from British-based musiian Dan Le Sac, which includes collaborations with among otherts both Emmy The Great and Merz

Famed for his collaboration with Scroobius Pip, Dan Le Sac has taken a break and has kindly thrust ‘Space Between the Words’ upon us, which is kind of him. Spanning the electro side of things rather than sticking to the more tried and tested electro/hip-hop leanings of his joint efforts with Mr Pip, Le Sac has enlisted a who’s who of contemporary artists (and predominately British based artists as well) such as among others Emma-Lee Moss, Merz, and Pete Hefferan. The result is an eclectic mix but it all blends together effortlessly. Offering up Portishead-esque moments with Emmy The Great with ‘Memorial’ while ‘Play Along’ features Sarah Williams-White, a trip-hop feel is rife throughout the album and done superbly by all parties involved. Le Sac borrows US rapper/poet/activist B Dolan to inject an upbeat drum ‘n’ bass/dubstep into the form of ‘Good Time Gang War’. ‘Zephyr’, which features British electro-folk artist Merz, is an absolute belter of a song, which almost has a hint of Bjork about it with its synth-guitars and beats and sounds like an electronic take on Banghra music. This album will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys pretty much any sort of electro music. With ‘Space Between the Words’ Dan Le Sac has really stepped out of his usual realms, and the result is a fantastic mix that is a snapshot of all that is great about modern electronic music in 2012.

Track Listing:-
1 Long Night Of Life
2 Play Along
3 Memorial
4 Reprisals
5 Tuning
6 Good Time Gang War
7 Hold Yourself Lightly
8 Zephyr
9 Breathing Underwater
10 Break Of Dawn
11 Caretaker
12 Beside
13 Cherubs

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