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Front and Follow


Andy Nice (2009)

The Secrets of Me
Meditative seven-track debut mini-album from cellist Andy Nice, who has worked Orbital, Cradle of Filth, Instrumental, Luke Haines’ Baader Meinhof and Tindersticks

Doomed Bird of Providence (2015)

You Brought the Knife
Grim and compelling exploration of early Australian outback history on latest EP from London-based act, the Doomed Bird of Providence

Doomed Bird of Providence (2013)

Collision/Detection V7
Confusingly minimal collection of short film soundtracks from semi-orchestral act the Doomed Bird of Providence

Doomed Bird of Providence (2011)

Will Ever Pray
Unsettling, fascinating and compelling debut album from the Doomed Bird of Providence, which describes the often brutal early history of Australia and its roots as a penal colony

Doomed Bird of Providence (2012)

The Bell of the Jardines/The Death Flurry
Compelling new double A-sided single from unique-voiced London-based outfit the Doomed Bird of Providence, which looks at the gruesome fates that fell upon two different sets of early Australian explorers

Dunning and Underwood (2019)

The Blow Volume 5
Understated but striking combination of electronic and acoustic music from organist Graham Dunning and percussionist Sam Underwood

Hong Kong in the 60s (2012)

Collision/Detection v4
Dreamy pop on new EP from Cambridge and London-based electronic trio, Hong Kong in the 60s

IX Tab and Hoofus (2016)

The Blow Volume 1
Fine first instalment in a new cassette series of electronica which features Suffolk band Hoofus and South-West artist IX Tab

Jodie Lowther and A.R.C. Soundtracks (2019)

The Blow Volume 4
Fourth in cassette only electro acoustic split release series from groundbreaking Front and Follow label, which features ethereal singer-songwriter Jodie Lowther and North of England experimental act A.R.C. Soundtracks

Kemper Norton (2012)

Collision/Detection V4
Atmospheric and spooky-sounding collection of remixes from Cornwall-born ambient folk artist, Kemper Norton

Lutine (2014)

White Flowers
Fragile but hauntingly beautiful and magical debut album from Lutine, the project of Brighton-based duo Emma Morton and Heather Minor

Lutine (2016)

Died of Love
Fabulous collection of remixes for classically-influenced Brighton-based harmonic female folk duo, Lutine

Psychological Strategy Board (2018)

Penny Slinger : Out of the Shadows
Bleak soundtrack to documentary about artist Penny Slinger from Psychological Strategy Board that explores the depths of electronic music

Shape Worship (2016)

A City Remembrancer
Thought-provoking debut album from Shape Worship, the project of South London pianist and urban dub musician Ed Gillett

Sone Institute (2010)

Curious Memories
Sweet and easy-on-the-ear introverted bedroom electronica on debut album from Sone Institute, which while breaking little new ground has several strong moments

Sone Institute (2012)

A Model Life
Inventive and unique second album from one-man electronic project, the Sone Institute

Sone Institute (2013)

This Moment is Already a Memory
Striking collection of remixes on download only EP by other artists of electronic project, the Sone Institute

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