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Doomed Bird of Providence - Collision/Detection V7

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 1 / 2013

Doomed Bird of Providence - Collision/Detection V7
Label: Front and Follow
Format: CDS


Confusingly minimal collection of short film soundtracks from semi-orchestral act the Doomed Bird of Providence

The contribution that is the most hauntingly beautiful in the Front & Follow series so far comes from the Doomed Bird of Providence with 'In the Terror of the Moment'. They masquerade as a baroque music chamber ensemble. Almost as if performing sailor tunes, their minimalistic orchestrations, however, strike different chords. For example, 'Safety at Sea' builds on the acoustics generated by turbulence at a subway station. Such sounds, at least when written about in words, remain unnoticed until now and when they were recorded. The soaring accordéon and what-not-sound combine into a small philharmonic orchestra to portray these minimalistic compositions. The violinist meanwhile appears to have gone into isolation after making a few initial appearances. This EP is certainly amongst the most challenging music that I have heard this week, and puzzled me. It is prettily peculiar, and in a sense is what you might get to hear when minimalist musicians adapt and become subway platform musicians. Enjoy the sketchy waltzes but mind the gap.

Track Listing:-
1 In the Terror of the Moment
2 Safety At Sea
3 Seabound
4 The Wounded Platelayer

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