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Vollwert Records


Biff Bang Pow! and The Laughing Apple (2011)

Fantastic double CD compilation from Creation Records' owner Alan McGee's two bands from the 1980s, Biff Bang Pow! and the Laughing Apple

Biff, Bang, Pow ! (2009)

Pass the Paintbrush...Honey
Fine limited edition reissue of Creation label owner Alan McGee's band Biff Pang Pow !'s 1985 debut album

Counterfeit (2012)

The Good Samaritan
Excellent reissue of only single by out-of-time late 80's synth band and Creation signing, Counterfeit

Morning Favorites (2012)

The Singles EP
Heartfelt C86-influenced twee pop on limited edition EP from French band, the Morning Favorites

My Laundry Life (2009)

The Art of Science
First rate indie pop on charming debut album from German-based group, My Laundry Life

My Laundry Life (2009)

How to Wallow in Shame
Perfect indie pop on second album from 80's influenced German act My Laundry Life, the moniker for Andre Daners

Wolfhounds (2012)

Excellent and fresh-sounding first issue of previously unreleased tracks from 80's post-punk act, the Wolfhounds



Laughing Apple/Biff Bang Pow Laughing Apple - Laughing Apple/Biff Bang Pow

Anthony Strutt profiles the career of Alan McGee's 80's bands the Laughing Apple and Biff Bang Pow !, who have had singles recently re-released on Edition 59, the offshoot of German label Vollwert Records

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