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Edition 59 Records


Biff Bang Pow ! (2009)

Love's Going Out of Fashion
Perfect CDS reissue of Creation label boss Alan McGee’s band Biff Bang Pow’s 1986 first 12 inch single, 'Love's Going Out of Fashion'

Biff Bang Pow ! (2009)

There Must Be a Better Life
First rate reissue of Creation label owner Alan McGee's band Biff Bang Pow !'s 1984 second single

Biff Bang Pow! (2010)

The Whole Worlds's Turning Brouchard
Enjoyable 60's beatnik pop on reissue of Creation Records' owner Alan McGee's band Biff Bang Pow!'s 1987 single

Biff Bang Pow! (2010)

Someone Stole My Wheels
First-rate reissue of 1986 punk single by Creation founder Alan McGee's band, Biff Bang Pow!

Cavalcade (2010)

Excellent EP from North West English three piece indie pop, the Cavalcade

Cuddle Pop (2010)

Deep Yellow Sign
Charming indie pop on second EP from Indonesian outfit, Cuddle Pop

For Kings and Queens (2010)

Sinister-sounding horror film material on EP from German band, For Kings and Queens

Golden Rule (2009)

Pleasant indie pop on new EP from Swindon-based group, the Golden Rule

Memory's Mystic Band (2010)

Enjoyable Dylan-influenced pop on new EP from San Francisco group, Memory's Mystic Band

Milestone Band (2010)

Blue for You
Classic-sounding 60's and 70's pop on debut EP from Swansea group, the Milestone Band

My Laundry Life (2010)

First EP
Sunny indie pop on first EP from German band, My Laundry Life

My Laundry Life (2010)

The Emerald Trade
Perfect indie pop on latest EP from My Laundry Life, the moniker for German musician Andre Daners

My Laundry Life (2012)

Estefania, the Great
Fantastic Smiths-influenced indie pop on new EP from My Laundry Life, the nom de plume for German musician Andrew Daners

North American Royalty (2009)

Holding Me
Chilled out Americana on melancholic-sounding debut EP from Memphis-based act, North American Royalty

Phil Wilson (2010)

Ten Miles
Excellent reissue of 1987 single from June Brides' front man Phil Wilson, who will be releasing his first solo album in twenty five years in the autumn

Slaughter Joe (2010)

I'll Follow You Down
Excellent reissue of 60s-influenced and feedback-friendly EP from Slaughter Joe, the project of Joe Foster, the co-founder of Creation Records

St Christopher (2010)

If Black Was Blue
Fine indie pop on new EP from St Christopher, who were at one point signed to Sarah Records

Tomatometers (2009)

Boys Would Always Look Down
Lush, lovely-sounding twee pop on debut EP from new band, the Tomatometers

Various (2009)

Heart and Soul: An Edition 59 Compilation
Excellent combination of indie pop and psychedelia, which features five artists, on new compilation EP from German label Edition 59 Records

Warm Morning (2009)

Sleepy Again
Mellow-sounding acoustic folk from Italian duo, Warm Morning

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