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Little Red Rabbit Records


Anna Kashfi (2008)

Spellbinding collection of aching laments, sore truths and naked confessions on second full-length album from much under-rated Manchester-based band, Anna Kashfi

Anna Kashfi (2010)

Forceful latest album from always inventive Manchester-based band Anna Kashfi, who with an increasing emphasis of humour continue to expand with each new recording

Anna Kashfi (2010)

A Lonely Place
Poetically evocative and dreamy new single from Manchester-based Americana act, Anna Kashfi,

Crazy Man Michael (2009)

The Green Light
Striking debut album from Crazy Man Michael, the project of Mancurian musician Michael Doward, who has taken his influences from sixties folk groups such as Fairport Convention snd then given them a contemporary sound

Fuzzy Lights (2013)

Rule of Twelfths
Dreamy folk on beautifully packaged third album from Cambridge-based group, Fuzzy Lights

Fuzzy Lights (2013)

The Hour
Haunting orchestral pop on latest single from Cambridge-based band, Fuzzy Lights

Fuzzy Lights (2010)

Twin Feathers
Compelling post-rock on eerily haunting second album from Cambridge-based band Fuzzy Lights, which has expanded on this recording from a duo into a five-piece group

Fuzzy Lights (2010)

Flawed, but ulimtately haunting and enthralling new EP from Cambridge-based post rockers, Fuzzy Lights

Fuzzy Lights (2008)

A Distant Voice
Simultaneously soothing and sinister combination of folk and alternative blues on haunting debut album from largely instrumental Cambrdige-based band, the Fuzzy Lights

Kalbakken (2009)

Then I Saw Summer and Sun on the Earth
Engaging and charming debut album from Manchester-based, but Norwegian-born brother and sister folk duo who sing in their native language

Last Harbour (2010)

Unpredictable and haunting fourth album from Manchester-based alt. rockers, Last Harbour

Last Harbour (2009)

Saint Luminous Bride
Superbly-packaged and turbently beautiful vinyl only single from Manchester-based alt. country/alt. folk collective Last Harbour

Last Harbour (2008)

My Knowen Foe EP
Epic and orchestral new EP from seven piece Manchester-based collective, Last Harbour

Last Harbour (2008)

Dead Fires and the Lonely Spark
Electrifying and turbulent-sounding orchestral third album from Manchester-based seven-piece collective Last Harbour

Lazarus Clamp (2009)

Against Entitlement
Sprawling, but unmelodic fifth album from Leicester-based alt. rock outfit, Lazarus Clamp

Quiet Loner (2012)

Greedy Magicians
Fiery and acerbic third album from Quiet Loner, the project of Manchester-based musician Quiet Loner, which, recorded live in a Salford church, reflects with anger, humour and sadness on the present political state of Britain

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