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Kalbakken - Then I Saw Summer and Sun on the Earth

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 27 / 5 / 2009

Kalbakken - Then I Saw Summer and Sun on the Earth
Label: Little Red Rabbit Records
Format: CD


Engaging and charming debut album from Manchester-based, but Norwegian-born brother and sister folk duo who sing in their native language

Manchester-based, but Norwegian band Kalbakken bring their own take on Norwegian folk across on 'Then I Saw Summer and Sun on the Earth'. The band was formed by brother and sister Kirsty and David Birchall Nyhuus, who between them play the violin, guitar, mouth harp and do the vocals. The pair have been playing music for a good while and have eclectic tastes and influences which come through on this, their debut album. They sing in their native tongue, so I found this at times bto e a difficult listen, as to be perfectly honest my Norwegian isn’t that great yet and trying to follow an album with a phrase book just makes no sense. It is, however, beautifully sung throughout and, blended with a gentle yet stirringly dark modern folk sound, makes for a really engaging listen. You find yourself being taken away from reality and plunged into their magical world, which is of full dark fables and tales of Norwegian history. I did really enjoy, and find useful, the crib notes that are on the album sleeve. It shows a real depth to the band and their music which can be merely enjoyed as it is. I really got a lot out of reading their explanations of these songs. This is not the sort of thing that is for everyone by any means, but it holds a real charm to it which reeled me in instantly.

Track Listing:-
1 Budeie Sang
2 Sag Du Noko
3 Bjorka fra Bjaland
4 Hvem Kan Segle
5 Synnoves Sang
6 Bansul
7 Hesten fra Fornes
8 Horpa
9 Sa Klarnet Livet
10 Laling fra Trysil
11 Bonden Og Kraka
12 Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Sildig
13 Dae Ae So Fagert I Finneslotte

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