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Sartorial Records


CureAtor/Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats (2009)

In Between Days/Boots Off
Cabaret cover version of the Cure's 'In Between Days' from the CureAtor, a one-off project of Gallon Drunk and Tindersticks' Terry Edwards

Department S (2008)

My Coo Ca Choo
Somewhat needless and unnecessary remixes of cover of the old Alvin Stardust song from early 80's band Department S, who have reformed after over 25 years apart

Gallon Drunk (2009)

Live at Klub 007
Fresh-sounding live album recorded at a gig in the Czech Republic from Gallon Drunk, who while being influenced by the Birthday Party and the Doors, continue to sound original and exciting

Lydia Lunch (2009)

Big Sexy Noise
Violent-in-sound, but integral and brutally honest latest mini-album from the abrasive Lydia Lunch, which finds her on this record collaborating with Gallon Drunk

Near Jazz Experience (2017)

A pair of former members of the Higsons plus the bassist from Madness doesn’t bode well for an album of jazz instrumentals, but be prepared for a pleasant surprise with the NJE's debut album

Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 (2010)

Propellor Time
Excellent third album of John Lennon-influenced rock on third album from Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, which conists of three of the members of R.E.M.

Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats (2009)

I Didn't Get Where I Am Today
Eclectic, but surprisingly cohesive re-release with extra tracks of multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards quirky and left-fireld 1997 album

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